Mar 31, 2017

Friday Drinks #11: Lip Colour With Associations to Old Times. Heels.

Is it Friday already?  I hope the week has been as kind to you and yours as it has been to mine.

It's been a week of hitting that pleasant groove and running with it at work and at home.

Some of that groove has been gotten by way of my favourite easy listening radio station on the FM dial.  As much as I love (and you may inwardly shudder at) my iTunes playlists, I do need my daily dose of light hearted radio banter with its mix of gossip, tales of the everyday, news and the occasional traffic and weather update.

My Priceline Beauty Sale haul arrived in the post this week.  Well I got 'we assumed you weren't at home so we didn't even try to ring your buzzer' card in my letterbox and then took it to the post office.  That's a tale for another day there and I suspect I'm not alone given the number of complaints Australia Post has received over missed parcel deliveries when someone' actually been at home...

In amongst that flurry of pink were these NYX Lip Suedes ($24 AUD for the set of three at Priceline but currently out of stock online, sorry!).

Set 03 contains Cherry Skies, Vintage and Soft-Spoken.

This is Cherry Skies.

The packaging is sturdy with a bit of a jewel effect at the base of the applicator.  I was pretty impressed with how solid the barrel of product felt too.  The applicator is firm and of a generous size making it really easy to use.

The lip suede itself took me back to the deep matte shades of the 90s.  Remember all those 'kiss proof' lip colours?  Lip suedes have that similar colour pay off but without the flaking and plaster finish.  'Cherry Skies' is a deep maroon that is possibly a bit over the top to wear during the day but it did bring back happy memories of my personal crimes against make up and fashion all those years ago.

via love-lace media

For me, these lip suedes are going to be a product that will take a bit of care and attention to get right.  The way I apply them (thickly with a swipe of the applicator), heavy streaks of colour tend to rub off on my teeth.  I also find that colour needs to be blotted and gone over with a lip brush because application is noticeably patchy with the darker shades.  But they aren't too heavy on the lips and last 6 hours or so on me (with fading to a still pleasant and noticeable paler version of the original shade so technically it's no big deal if I don't touch up the colour during the day - woo hoo!!)/

I like the colours in this set and they do take me back to the way I lived the 90s and for those reasons, they're keepers.  I probably won't be reaching for them on work days where I have to get us out of the house five minutes ago.

In other 'possibly a bit over the top' news,  look what I found on the spendy shoe shelf in my wardrobe?  These leopard and patent Louboutins with bonus statement gold chain at the heel.  I've just re-read that last sentence.  I hope Mr Louboutin reads it as a homage rather than a dodgy Ebay sale description.  In the spirit of only living once, I took them out of their box, removed the tissue from their toes and wore them out for an interview this week.

Have you worn something vaguely inappropriate somewhere recently?  Was it liberating?

Mar 30, 2017

Lovin' Life 30/3/2017: Looking Forward To....

We're in the final days of March and a little break from routine is rapidly coming our way in the shape of the Easter long weekend.  I have to admit, I'm in semi holiday mode already.  The allure of six alarm free days in a row (just realised I get a few extra days off this year...) relatively free of responsibility had already proven too hard to resist.  Half the fun is in the anticipation and I'm definitely anticipating for the entire nation, if truth be told.

Without any further fluffy writing, here's a random array of what I'm looking forward to over the next few weeks:

I hope to get to grips with this old school, practically historic phone set I found at Kmart (and it only cost $10 AUD!!).  At the moment, Preschooler SSG has been having shouty conversations with me over the 'phone' as he yells 'Hello' down the line just in case I can't hear through the ear piece.  I've been pressing the 'Talk' button which ironically seems to make it harder to talk because it sets off a long beep.  There were no instructions provided which I guess will be half the fun over the next few days as I endeavour for us to be able to hear each other through the phones rather than through air waves in general.

I'll be opening my stationery cupboard with more enthusiasm than usual thanks to this new assortment of favourite pencils, erasers and liquid paper pen.  Yes, in this age of paperless, wireless everything, I still love my Staedtler.  Is it just me or do shelves of stationery have this universal scent that instantly imbues a sense of calm preparedness on all those who inhale the moment they open the door?  


I had a brief dalliance with Too Faced Shadow Insurance but readers, it's back on again with this new tube of good old Urban Decay Primer Potion.  I love it's cream to liquid consistency and the way it sets to a flattering and non caky semi matte base.  I found Shadow Insurance a little too sheer on my skin and my eyeshadow didn't 'take' onto it as well as it does with Primer Potion.  I have dry skin, for context.

Never one to ignore a Priceline beauty sale, I'm looking forward to giving all those NYX lip glosses / liquid lip sticks a test run over the next few weeks.  I might even find my official going away shade amongst them.

While I'm here confessing all my shopping sins, I really should let you know about the big one. 

So anyway, this happened as well.  I've had idle thoughts about a pair of leather leggings for the cooler weather for a few weeks now.  I started looking at all the usual high street suspects but could never get in store to try any on.  Which is how I found myself at Scanlon Theodore earlier this week.  I have this permanently gorgeous friend (both inside and out) who was wearing her pair of ST leather leggings when we met up a few weeks back so it was obviously a sign when I walked in store and was directed to the last few pairs available.  

I'm going out on a limb here, but I hereby officially forgive Scanlon Theodore for being one of those stores who not only have curtains to partition their change cubicles but who also that single mirror beyond the changing area arrangement.  It's a set up ripe for public humiliation.  Which is why I prefer to shop on a quiet weekday...

Oh, these leggings are the business.  After patiently hearing me out about post, post, post baby body changes, the (childless) and super petite sales assistant and I both agreed that these particular leggings did a good job of making the best of where my body is right now.  So of course I bought them on the spot.  And of course I'm going to be wearing them to death for the rest of the year.

I'm looking forward to a little break from the weekend routine of ferrying Preschooler SSG here and there powered by a mug of instant coffee.  He really enjoys his activities and I do love seeing him learn, laugh and improve but it's going to be lovely not shrieking and running around like a headless chicken as I try to safely corral humans and their bits and pieces into the car.

We also have a host of catch ups and parties to attend over the next little while and I can't wait to catch up with some of my favourite people.  We have so much to discuss.

Over to you, anything particular that you can't wait for as we head towards that magical Easter break?

Embracing leather leggings yourself this season?

Mar 28, 2017

The Tuesday To Do List. Other Things.

What's not to love about a day off during the week?

A day I cherish so deeply that I unashamedly plan every single hour of 'me time' on a to do list / time line hastily scrawled on a yellow Post It Monday night before bed.

Hasn't it been lovely falling in love with the sun all over again these last few days?  Even being stuck in the city bound traffic on Victoria Road managed to be a joyous experience as the sun gently baked my arms through the windscreen.  Have you ever seen yourself bathed in the glow of the Sydney sun through an open sunroof?  Just get out there, do it and wonder why there is neither an Instagram filter or bottle of make up that promises to deliver the same buffed up shimmer to your face.

It's not every day that you find yourself greeted by a film crew on your walk into work.  Well, I wasn't technically greeted  by them (walked into them would be more accurate) and they weren't there to film me but it was exciting to see all the equipment and experts it takes to film a scene and get it looking just so.

I love the cafe near work so much I bought their official Keep Cup this week.  I love the colour scheme they chose too.   The vibe I get is 'inner city bumble bee' - that band of concrete grey works so well with the black and yellow.  Or maybe I'm just overthinking it a  little.

There was so much temptation at Costco the other day and I managed to walk past all of it except

this 6 pack of EOS lip balm that everyone was loving this time last year and

our traditional lunch of too much food and soft drink.  Preschooler SSG and I have a tradition of sharing the smallest tray of sushi you can buy from the ready to go food inside Costco and a hot dog meal from the kiosk outside.  We invariably end up with half a tray of sushi to take home for dinner and around half a hot dog we save for afternoon tea.

But back to the lip balm.  It's beautifully packaged and so easy to use.  No winding up or squeezing, just unscrew the top and you're ready to go.  The only problem is that the regular formula just doesn't do much for my dry lips.  I'll give one of the Visibly Soft versions from the pack a go next  Fingers crossed they're better on me.

One last thing before I leave you to tackle my Tuesday To Do List.  Chicken Parmiagana .... The Jaffle.  It's a thing and it's Very Good.  I used some left over barbecue chicken in mine and added some spinach leaves after jaffling.  It doesn't have the crunch of a deep fried crumb crust (sigh) but gee they're a good dinner option for those crazy Mondays.

Mar 27, 2017

Life This Week 27/3/2017: Taking Stock.

For this week's prompt, I've decided to use Pip from Meet Me At Mike's 'Taking Stock' template 

Making : a start on the edging on the lawn in my backyard.  I'm between gardener visits so I've decided to take matters into my own hands.  I found this Aldi lawn trimmer the other day.  It's battery powered and is surprisingly effective, even in the hands of a novice like myself.

Cooking : beef stir fries with meat that has been 'velveted' in a paste of bicarb to make it taste incredibly tender.  Read more over here at Not Quite Nigella.  It really works!!  I've never been able to stir fry beef without it getting tough until now.

Drinking : mugs of T2's peppermint tea using tea bags I filled myself.

Reading : 'The Teacher's Secret' by Suzanne Leal.  I seem to be in some pretty dark waters as far as my reading list goes.  The novel is set in Brindle, a  small coastal town in NSW where Terry, a popular primary school teacher suddenly loses his job over an incident from many years ago.  I've about three quarters of the way through 'The Teacher's Secret' and I still don't know what Terry did but I'm enjoying Leal's word pictures of a small town with stunning views of the beach that serve as an ironic backdrop to the fall out of all kinds of poor human choices.

Trawling : the world wide web for new quick and easy dinner recipes.  The vast majority have been very well received but the odd disaster has been annoying.  It's the leftovers I have dilemmas over.  To throw them all away would be such a waste yet there's nothing more soul destroying after a long day than to end the evening with a horrible dinner.  No, it's not the absolute worst thing of an evening - no hot water for a shower would definitely top an unpalatable dinner.  By the way, the taco spaghetti that inspired this photo was and is a huge hit at our place.

Wanting : 

to build some more Lego.  Need to remember to get my order in soon for something to put together over the Easter break.

Looking : at my desk top as I type this post.

Deciding : if I need to wash my hair tonight.  The answer is yes.

Wishing : I was back home in Perth gazing out at these sprinklers on the foreshore where mum and dad live.  It does my soul good to reconnect with home on a regular basis.

Enjoying : Preschooler SSG's early bedtime and a little time to myself that I'm not spending trying to fall asleep myself.

Waiting : for my tickets to be confirmed for Texas this May.   Not very patiently, I might add.

Liking : my new mug.

Wondering : what's on the horizon for me.  I do think, though, that element of not knowing for certain keeps life interesting.

Loving : this city in spite of it's recent weather.

Pondering : the extra poignancy of reading a Maisy mouse book about loving London to Preschooler SSG in light of the terror attack at Westminster last week.

Listening : to ABC News Radio.  Just like Pip did when she took stock of life in March.  It's my most efficient and trusted source of news and general information about the world and I don't feel quite right in the morning if I haven't drifted off to bed listening the night before.

Considering : if I need to buy that special cleaner for floorboards for when I mop the floor or if I can still get away with Pine O Clean.

Buying : cheddar flavoured Goldfish biscuits in bulk at Costco because both Preschooler SSG and I love them.

Watching : the light rail infrastructure grow on George Street.  It's been a slow and steady process and I'm looking forward to the day when structures that vaguely look like tracks finally get laid down.

Hoping : I don't forget when daylight saving ends in New South Wales.

Marvelling : at how many leaves have fallen already this autumn.

Cringing : at The Real Housewives of Sydney.

Needing : more hours in the day.

Questioning : why women are so hard on each other.  I was recently involved in an online discussion among apparently well educated working mothers about the major childcare reforms that were passed in Senate last week.  Many intelligent and informed comments were made by people both for and against the changes.  It didn't take long, however, for toes to get trampled on and personal attacks to be made.  Jealousy, insecurity, sleep deprivation, hormones, stress?  Who knows what motivated the comments.  If we can't lean in the perhaps we should just learn to pause, change the settings on our Facebook feeds and let it go.

Smelling : dinners being cooked up and down my street.  I love these chilled out evenings at home on the weekend.

Wearing : jewellery made by Preschooler  SSG.

Noticing : that the clock function on my iPhone no longer features a clock face.  Devastated.

Knowing : that life is good.

Thinking : I need to get around to making a bucket list one of these days.

Admiring : grace under pressure.  It's a beautiful thing to have it displayed towards you and always makes me feel a bit bad about how I often react when it's all a bit too much.

Getting : things done.

Bookmarking : new recipes to try on Feedly.

Disliking : selfish people who park across my driveway.

Opening : the side door for a bit of fresh air.

Closing : a few windows in Chrome.  Anything more than 17 means that I can't read enough of each tab to remember what the window is about.

Feeling : relaxed after a long week.

Hearing : the whoosh of cars on my street.  It's nice hearing them without the window shuddering machinery from all the building projects going on around us at the moment.

Celebrating :  the good health of loved ones.

Pretending : that I've done all my clothes shopping I'm going to be doing before I head Stateside this May.  Who am I kidding?

Embracing : life and finding its rainbows wherever and whenever I can.


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