Mar 18, 2017

Cabin Fever.

There was a time once when I loved being greeted by the sound of rain tip tapping on the roof first thing in the morning.  I'd snuggle under my doona a bit, then roll to the side and then over to the other side and finish off with a big stretch as my breathing picked up the cadence of the rain.  It mattered not that I was doing all of this at home on a school day, in my mind I could have been in a little cottage somewhere in the Blue Mountains....

Those days are long gone.  It's been raining solidly for close to a week in Sydney and the weather app on my phone tells me the week ahead is not looking much better.  I've officially caught Cabin Fever.

My legs are getting twitchy and what they really want to be doing is doing old lady sprints up and down the street behind my house not lunges and jumps indoors.

While I am relieved that my red Hunters are already performing well on a cost per wear basis, neither myself or the dinosaurs are particularly excited about the thought of spending most of the weekend indoors.  We get enough of the great indoors at work or at Preschooler SSG's side as he persuades us all to play another game of trains together.

In other tales of preschooler life, here's a sticker life hack I found on my Facebook feed recently.  If your little one has trouble peeling stickers off a page on their own, simply remove the adhesive paper between stickers from the sheet yourself before they attempt it.

staceyluise on Instagram tells me that this is standard preschooler behaviour when it comes to eating doughnuts.  It comes from a need to nibble around a 'crust' and have something to leave behind on the plate.  It is progress though from the toddler method which involved face planting into the icing and sprinkles while managing to leave the doughnut itself completely untouched.

I was going to give myself a pat on the back but instead I bought this coffee on Wednesday.  It was probably the last time it wasn't raining around these parts come to think of it.  I've completed phase one of being a school mum.  Preschooler SSG and I have done all our visits and observation periods.  I've met some lovely mums (it still is mostly us mums doing the hard yards at school), sussed out the best coffee options closest to the schools (how can school canteens not sell coffee or bottled water in 2017, how do the teachers survive past 10am??), survived trying to park near a school on a weekday morning and now all that remains is a bit of waiting and deciding.

Don't you love it when shopping your wardrobe delivers impressive results?  This is my Tarssoni (Missoni for Target Australia, do you remember those fun times when the Target website crashed from all our attempts to place online orders??) cardigan, a tank top from Big W's Emerson range and a Lovisa necklace from back in the day when they were channeling Marni's acetate neck installations.

But the shopping didn't stop there this week.  Look what I found in my stash of freebies and samples?  A Bodyshop lip liner in Clover Pink ($15.95AUD) and a mini lipstick from Kat Von D's Studded Kiss range ($31 AUD from Sephora online).

While the lip liner is totally the colour of MAC's infamous Spice (if you were a child of the 90s do you remember how all the supermodels swore by it and Maybelline's mascara in the pink and green tube?) it's quite hard textured and scratchy to apply.  Such a shame.

Kat Von D's Studded Kiss lipstick though was a pleasant surprise.  I'm not very familiar with the range at all and this is the first product I've tried from it.  There are very positive reviews online at Sephora too.

Cathedral is a plummy shade and not as matte as I thought it would be.  For some reason, I just assumed that the whole line would be geared towards the rock chic, high impact glamour that Kat exudes.  The lipstick has a light texture and it's easy to build the intensity if you wish.  I got about 3 hours from one application.  I was impressed with the large number of shades the lipstick comes in (31 from my count) and how most are very wearable, everyday shades.

Are you a Kat von D makeup fan?

Is all this rain giving you cabin fever?

Would you like to find out what happens when I attempt to make taco spaghetti for dinner tonight?

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  1. Yes I'm curious about the Taco spaghetti!

    It's funny, we are due to get lots of rain and wet weather but it's so patchy. The storms do a lot of damage when they roll up but they never stick around long enough to bring a cool change. I'd welcome a bit of constant rain...grass is always greener though, I might change my tune when (if!) it ever sets in here.

    That sticker tip was a good one - can't believe I'd never thought of that! Toddler T's great love for stickers means he rarely has problems though, he's able to cover an entire sofa in stickers before you've even finished changing the baby's nappy, ha!


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