Mar 31, 2017

Friday Drinks #11: Lip Colour With Associations to Old Times. Heels.

Is it Friday already?  I hope the week has been as kind to you and yours as it has been to mine.

It's been a week of hitting that pleasant groove and running with it at work and at home.

Some of that groove has been gotten by way of my favourite easy listening radio station on the FM dial.  As much as I love (and you may inwardly shudder at) my iTunes playlists, I do need my daily dose of light hearted radio banter with its mix of gossip, tales of the everyday, news and the occasional traffic and weather update.

My Priceline Beauty Sale haul arrived in the post this week.  Well I got 'we assumed you weren't at home so we didn't even try to ring your buzzer' card in my letterbox and then took it to the post office.  That's a tale for another day there and I suspect I'm not alone given the number of complaints Australia Post has received over missed parcel deliveries when someone' actually been at home...

In amongst that flurry of pink were these NYX Lip Suedes ($24 AUD for the set of three at Priceline but currently out of stock online, sorry!).

Set 03 contains Cherry Skies, Vintage and Soft-Spoken.

This is Cherry Skies.

The packaging is sturdy with a bit of a jewel effect at the base of the applicator.  I was pretty impressed with how solid the barrel of product felt too.  The applicator is firm and of a generous size making it really easy to use.

The lip suede itself took me back to the deep matte shades of the 90s.  Remember all those 'kiss proof' lip colours?  Lip suedes have that similar colour pay off but without the flaking and plaster finish.  'Cherry Skies' is a deep maroon that is possibly a bit over the top to wear during the day but it did bring back happy memories of my personal crimes against make up and fashion all those years ago.

via love-lace media

For me, these lip suedes are going to be a product that will take a bit of care and attention to get right.  The way I apply them (thickly with a swipe of the applicator), heavy streaks of colour tend to rub off on my teeth.  I also find that colour needs to be blotted and gone over with a lip brush because application is noticeably patchy with the darker shades.  But they aren't too heavy on the lips and last 6 hours or so on me (with fading to a still pleasant and noticeable paler version of the original shade so technically it's no big deal if I don't touch up the colour during the day - woo hoo!!)/

I like the colours in this set and they do take me back to the way I lived the 90s and for those reasons, they're keepers.  I probably won't be reaching for them on work days where I have to get us out of the house five minutes ago.

In other 'possibly a bit over the top' news,  look what I found on the spendy shoe shelf in my wardrobe?  These leopard and patent Louboutins with bonus statement gold chain at the heel.  I've just re-read that last sentence.  I hope Mr Louboutin reads it as a homage rather than a dodgy Ebay sale description.  In the spirit of only living once, I took them out of their box, removed the tissue from their toes and wore them out for an interview this week.

Have you worn something vaguely inappropriate somewhere recently?  Was it liberating?


  1. Those NYX lipsticks looks amazing! Plus, leopard heels never go out of style! Great post x

  2. Oh hope your interview went well! They are really awesome shoes! I always find heels help boost my confidence, the higher the better, so I hope these did the same for you :)

    I'm not a matte lip fan but I am impressed these have such a good wear time.


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