Mar 13, 2017

Life This Week 13/3/2017: My Favourite Colour....

As a person who loves the monochromes and neutral tones of the colour wheel for her wardrobe, 

it's come as a bit of a pleasant surprise to me just how much I love bold, bright primary colours in practically every other aspect of my life.

There's a lot to be said for blacks, greys and silvers.  They are practical, they go with everything and each other, they miraculously make a person like me look put together first thing on a Monday but colour?

Little feet and little leggings from way back in the day.....

Colour is all about play, laughter and lively energy.

It's about creating new worlds on paper and in play.

And now those little feet wear trainers and those little legs wear sturdy jeans that always have interesting patches of green and brown at their knees and beaches of sand in their turned up cuffs.

It's about learning new skills with friends.

Colour adds vitality and interest to food which is one of the reasons I love eating salads and fresh fruit.

I don't have a particular favourite colour.  I just love the way they look together.  I might love a red kettle but my favourite mug is blue.  It's the contrast.  I'm a sucker for the contrast.

Colour makes the grocery run more exciting and inspiring.

Now that I look at them all in front of me like this, it does seem a bit excessive.
But, like I said, I love colour.

And then there's all these colour drenched miracle workers that each do their bit to address my early  morning  all day pasty greyness.  May I just be frank and say you know it's not good when you have those mornings where your Chinese yellow / gold skin tones have completely vanished and you look .... grey under the yellow lighting of your bathroom.  I mean if my bathroom lights can't help replace what nature took away what hope do I have to go it alone out past the front door?

That's where the above half dozen lotions and potions come into the equation.  There's a bit of tan, a dab of something sort of golden, there's some shimmery pink in there too and a pencil of beige for good measure.  Grey tones be gone!  Until I wash my face in the evening, that is.

Do you have a love for just one colour or do you love them all?


  1. I love your colourful post SSG. I've decided I don't have a favourite colour it just depends on my mood. Have a fabulous week and we would love you to link up with us at #OvertheMoon each Monday. You can see the link on my website.

  2. I don't have a favourite colour but I find that I am always drawn to book covers that have bright or bold colours!

  3. I love different colours for different things. Black for cars, red for clothes, green for scenery, creams and browns for furniture ...
    When it comes to kids and playing - then I choose rainbow.

  4. I have a lot of favourite colours too! And don't get me started on metallics!


  5. I'm the same in that I wear black but love colours in the world :)

  6. Orange. Also I like contrast too.
    I am sure you look radiant and not grey. Your lack of confidence in your skin tone is making cosmetics companies rich. Destroy the Patriarchy !!!

  7. Colour can certainly change our day and our mood! I have been known to change an outfit because of how the colour made me feel! I loved this post. Lots to think about practically and creatively. I am certainly drawn to the brights. I also hear you on the ease of the dressing in black/neutrals when you have to 'not think' about what to wear. Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek 11/52 Next week: Autumn

  8. I like black clothing, but with a splash of colour - often red. Then I prefer softer greens for furniture and home decor. Love your images.

  9. Blue is my favourite colour - for pretty much everything! I do like surrounding myself with other bright colours too, they are great mood boosters if they're something you wear. That's partly why I have so many bright bags! :)

  10. Something about colours red and blue seem to catch my eye. And it's not just one solid colour of the two, its the various shades of them. I love the colour of the ocean when it's a clear blue, but also green. However, to see that colour of the ocean from where I'm at, I would need to travel to Miami or Key West, FL. The ocean in my neck of the woods looks more like mud. My family and I went to Key West when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I got spoiled with how the water looked and loved how I could see the what I was walking while in it. I barely got into the ocean when we came home after that.

  11. I'm a sucker for contrast as well and I love bright colours. They just make me happy!


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