Mar 16, 2017

Lovin' Life 16/3/2017: Mostly Wet. But the Weekend Was Sunny.

The bad news?  Life this week has mostly been about the rain. 

The good news?  My red Hunter wellies arrived just in time and they'll definitely be put to good use this weekend.  On a cost per wear basis, I see them paying for themselves by Easter.

Speaking of Easter.  It's only about a month away and I can't wait.  I've lucked out with the gods of rostering and it looks like I'll have the entire long weekend off.  I don't know what I'll do with myself.  Maybe some Easter craft with Preschooler SSG?  Woolworths have these crown and bunny painting sets on sale at the moment.  The painted eggs were an impulse purchase.  They'll be going up around the fire place, I think.  

Self control remains exercised, though.  I will not be buying any hot cross buns or Easter eggs until April 1.  That's not to say I won't be eating any if they were offered to me.  It would be terribly rude to say no.

Not a photo of the weekend's sun in action but one of favourite sunny photos all the same.  Summer, can you come back again now?

You know, it's been that long since I've seen the sun properly.  That's right.  It was way back over the weekend.It was almost like being on holiday.  


There's something about that combination of red, black and a can of coke in the sun that makes me think of Italy and gelato.  The Amalfi Coast or even a piazza in Rome to be precise.  I've never been to either but the intention is there.  Long story short, I was actually at our local Italian cafe on a gelato date with Preschooler SSG.


It was a weekend of walking down the road to catch up with friends.

The kind of people who are so often in your thoughts and in your Messenger but whom you so rarely get the chance to just kick back with in person.  Literally kick back with as you can see from the photo above with its bonus rainbow reflection.  Life takes us on these journeys that are rarely a straight line from A to B.  A good shaking up and a landing upside down is probably the most accurate way of describing the path.  Yet we eventually get back on our feet as better and stronger versions of ourselves.  Perhaps this is what's actually in that pot of gold at the end of rainbows.

Here's to rainbows, pots of gold and that warm feeling in your heart knowing that your friends are well.

The weekend warmth was the perfect excuse for one last watermelon quarter before I resign myself to an autumn and winter of less exciting fruit.  That crunch and that colour and that subtle taste of summer.  I'm going to miss you, my dear watermelon.

It's not quite the same but I do have this little pot of 'summer' to tide me over until December 1.  Vaseline has just released these lip therapy balms to the Australian market.  Instagram tells me these are already a given in the US.  There are a few versions but cocoa butter gets my vote.  They cost under $3 at Chemist Warehouse.

Are you savouring any final bits of summer or are you glad already that the days are getting shorter, the leaves are beginning to fall and that it's sometimes gloomy and grey for days on end?  Sorry about that leading and biased question.


  1. I love all of your red things! The bag and the wellies are totally my style and I will now be coveting them. #lovinlife

  2. Oh, those are some nice wellies!

  3. What you want to use on lips is amolin . Nothing works like it!

  4. Man I'm going to miss watermelon too ... and cherries!! Those Hunter wellies - OMG - love them!! Sadly hardly any rain in my part of Brisbane. My grass is brown and crunch and sad. Hoping for more so I can see green grass and happy gardens again! #TeamLovinLife

  5. Can we talk about those Hunters? What version/model? The only ones I can find in Pennsylvania, USA in stores are the high ones that won't fit my fat calves. I want a pair but don't know which ones to look for on line.

    (Wandered over from FF)

    1. Hello Heather
      From Shopbop, hope link worked in my post. Anyway, they are mid calf height. Other options at ASOS and NextDirect too.
      SSG xxx

  6. Still summertime in my neck of the woods ... dreaming of cooler days, and rain ... we keep missing out where I live, while other parts of SE Qld are copping it!

  7. I'm savouring wearing open toe shoes for a few more weeks before I will want every bit of my body to be covered up and warm.

  8. Our summer heat looks set to stick around for a little while longer, although in Sydney I can see those rainboots being necessary purchase! Autumn isn't too bad, like you said when it starts to arrive we can savour those last few days of summer :)

  9. It's still quite warm here on the Far North Coast of NSW. We are continuing to sweat through March. Hoping it will cool down soon, surely! One part of summer I'd like to finish is daylight saving time. It's way too dark in the mornings right now. DST should be in summer only - finishing at the end of February!! :) #TeamLovinLife

  10. Love your red theme. It is still hot in Brisbane and we are halfway through March. I'm not complaining though the days are gorgeous. Have a great weekend xx

  11. So exciting to wear your gum boots!
    Love those friendship catchups. I did that myself this week. In real life and by phone.


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