Mar 6, 2017

Life This Week 6/3/2017: Rain. 'The Woman in Cabin 10' by Ruth Ware.

Life this week has been soggy.

I've used every umbrella I own at least twice and there always seems to be one drying out in the laundry room.

I've got quite a few tabs open on my computer for Hunter wellies
but sadly none of the colours I want seem to be available in my size right now.  I know I'll only wear them a handful of times each year which is why I'd rather wear something in a statement primary colour as I trudge through the puddles on my way home from the shops.  Life is too short for sensible black or brown coloured wellies.
It's been just the kind of weather for enjoying a good book and fortunately they've been much easier to find than my elusive unicorn pair of Hunters.  Do you remember me mentioning Reese Witherspoon's Instagram account and how I follow it mostly for her book suggestions?  Well, 'The Woman in Cabin 10' by Ruth Ware was my first read from her account and I loved it. You can read the Smart Bitches Trashy Books review here.

Smart what did I just write?  Let me explain.  SMTB is a hilarious blog / site that I actually discovered as I did a little reading around 'The Woman in Cabin 10'.  The ladies primarily review romance novels which I'm not a huge fan of but their reviews have piqued my interest.  I'm hoping that they'll cover more murder and suspense novels in the future.

But back to my novel.  'The Woman in Cabin 10' is firmly in the domestic noir category I know and love so well.  Lo is an up and coming travel journalist who is given the break of her career with the chance to write about the maiden voyage of The Aurora.  The Aurora is a luxurious boutique cruise liner and not only does Lo score the write up, she also gets the chance to get on board for the cruise.  Unfortunately Lo is also going through major relationship / commitment issues with her partner Judah and she also has the beginnings of a problem drinking habit....

Lo boards The Aurora and a whole new world of luxury and privilege envelops here in a glittering haze of wall to wall glass, crystal chandeliers and impossibly glamorous super wealthy people.  One night, Lo begins to dress for a ship dinner when she realizes that she'd forgotten her mascara.  She ducks out of her cabin (that's technically the size of her entire flat back home) and stops by number 10 to borrow some.  The door of cabin 10 opens quickly and a young lady in a Pink Floyd T shirt shoves a tube of Maybelline at her before quickly slamming the door shut.

Lo never sees the girl again but she does witness what she suspects is the tail end of a murder on the deck outside room a little while later.  She's also gained a reputation as a solid drinker by this stage as well.  Plus a former boyfriend also on the cruise knows enough about her past and her other issues to make the officials on the boat look upon Lo with suspicion.

Ruth Ware does an admirable job of taking us into Lo's disordered mind and keeps us guessing as to how much of the disorder is due to the alcohol, how much relates to Lo's longstanding anxiety and how much of can be attributed to the 'murder'.

'The Woman in Cabin 10' isn't gory or graphic but it is compulsive reading.  Beyond the suspense surrounding the murder, Ware raises some interesting issues surrounding mental illness and the stigma it still has in society.  Lo's depression and anxiety as well as her need for anti-depressants somehow makes her a less credible and reliable witness than if she'd not had this diagnosis or treatment.  Despite this, Lo is determined to find out the truth and in doing so, much of the prejudice leveled at her is disproved.  With the determination came a positive change in Lo's manner and the way her character was developed in the novel.  Lo became more likeable to me as I began to understand a little of her back story as it was drip fed to us during her time on the cruise.

The good news is that Ruth Ware  has another novel that's already published and it's called 'In A Dark, Dark Wood'.  Plus she has a third, 'The Lying Game' due to be published later this year.  Guess who's  got plenty to read already as we head into the cooler months?


  1. The Woman in cabin 10 is on my wishlist. It's advertised at my station on a poster so I'm reminded every week day morning.

  2. I love the idea of gum boots. But they get disappointed when I wear them as they always eat my socks

  3. Love your gum boots! Also I love reading so thanks for the review of The Woman in Cabin 10. I'll be adding to my list. Have a lovely week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. The Woman in Cabin 10 sounds like a great book! I need to check our Reese Witherspoon's Instagram I think!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. And I follow you for your book reviews (as well as cosmetics and general wisdom)

  6. Thanks for book recommendations.

    I wore my boots most Saturdays last winter sports season as kids play netball & soccer. Now that the soccer season seems to have got longer & with games being played in all weather conditions on the Artificial turf fields, I think I'll be wearing them every Saturday again. Actually, i could have worn them yesterday at the first game of the season as the natural grass was nice & muddy around the artificial turf field!
    Love the bright coloured boots especially the yellow and red ones. Den xx

  7. That sounds like a compelling read. I hope you can get your bright wellies so you get to use them this year!

  8. Bought gumboots for the first time in years in 2015 after we experienced the awful east coast low on the central coast. I dont really like walking in them but they got me through muddy grass and more. They are black. I see why you would like the colours though! The book sounds great and obviously kept you well-distracted. That's the sign of a good read. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 10/52. Next week: My Favourite Colour.

  9. I agree about the wellies and kids' sport. If your young chap goes on to play soccer or some other grass sport in winter you may find you're on damp ground quite often - even if it hasn't rained - the early morning dew will get you. Last year Myer had a one-day sale and I got a pair of plain black ankle Hunters for $99. Granted, they're not exciting but they do go with everything!

  10. Those wellies bring back memories of early mornings in the freezing cold watching our son in his first ever winter sporting team - then playing soccer. The Under 8s were the first to play every Saturday morning. Sometimes in Canberra it was still around -2C or less at that time and occasionally the wind chill factor would be -10C. We rugged up in our warmest wind proof clothes, muffled in wool scarves to the cheekbones and with hats pulled down and ski gloves pulled up. The poor little kids wore just their thin strips - but at least they were running around all the time. Their first matches they didn't manage to score even one goal, ever. But one day, it happened. All the parents of boys on our son's team cheered and clapped like mad. The poor little goalie who'd let the ball in turned around to look at us and burst into tears. We all felt such heels. But it was so exciting that they'd finally made it. From then on there was no looking back and they did very well. It was as if they'd finally understood what the point of it all really was. Best wishes, Pamela


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