Mar 2, 2017

Lovin' Life 2/3/2017: Early Autumn.

Signs of early autumn in Sydney:

the cool grey tones of the mornings that have replaced the warm golds of summer

getting my track pants out for the first time this year

 capes being worn to coffee

finding new capes to grow into at Target before your preschooler's required size gets sold out

being pleasantly surprised that your personal hair goal aligns perfectly with that of a glossy catalogue of this season's emerging trends

appreciating the cool change because it means a return to little walks here and there just for the sake of it and being able to pause and take in the unexpected little details.

I'm loving autumn already.


  1. I'm praying for some autumness here in Queensland. It is still bloody hot! :) #TeamLovinLife

  2. I was hoping for a cool change here in Perth with the storm but it's gone all hot and even more humid and I find myself thinking about moving to Tasmania.

  3. I'm loving the crispness in the mornings as I go for a run SSG. Autumn is on the way and I love this time of year in Queensland. Have a great week.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

  4. It is still hot in Perth but that is the way I like it!

  5. The loveliest season of them all, but I'm still wondering where summer wen.

  6. I love Autumn but it's not autumn in Brisbane yet (well it is officially but not in reality). Cannot wait for cooler weather where I can walk any time of day and be far more comfortable as I go about my days. I am envious! #TeamLovinLife

  7. Half your luck! Need the air conditioning on almost 24/7 still here in Bris-vegas.

  8. Capes! Capes are very important. We should all wear capes ...

  9. Oh I wish we had some milder weather! We've had consecutive hot days here in Adelaide this week!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  10. I love Autumn! Hoping the weather cools down soon for us here in northern NSW too! Love the fish pic :) #TeamLovinLife


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