Mar 30, 2017

Lovin' Life 30/3/2017: Looking Forward To....

We're in the final days of March and a little break from routine is rapidly coming our way in the shape of the Easter long weekend.  I have to admit, I'm in semi holiday mode already.  The allure of six alarm free days in a row (just realised I get a few extra days off this year...) relatively free of responsibility had already proven too hard to resist.  Half the fun is in the anticipation and I'm definitely anticipating for the entire nation, if truth be told.

Without any further fluffy writing, here's a random array of what I'm looking forward to over the next few weeks:

I hope to get to grips with this old school, practically historic phone set I found at Kmart (and it only cost $10 AUD!!).  At the moment, Preschooler SSG has been having shouty conversations with me over the 'phone' as he yells 'Hello' down the line just in case I can't hear through the ear piece.  I've been pressing the 'Talk' button which ironically seems to make it harder to talk because it sets off a long beep.  There were no instructions provided which I guess will be half the fun over the next few days as I endeavour for us to be able to hear each other through the phones rather than through air waves in general.

I'll be opening my stationery cupboard with more enthusiasm than usual thanks to this new assortment of favourite pencils, erasers and liquid paper pen.  Yes, in this age of paperless, wireless everything, I still love my Staedtler.  Is it just me or do shelves of stationery have this universal scent that instantly imbues a sense of calm preparedness on all those who inhale the moment they open the door?  


I had a brief dalliance with Too Faced Shadow Insurance but readers, it's back on again with this new tube of good old Urban Decay Primer Potion.  I love it's cream to liquid consistency and the way it sets to a flattering and non caky semi matte base.  I found Shadow Insurance a little too sheer on my skin and my eyeshadow didn't 'take' onto it as well as it does with Primer Potion.  I have dry skin, for context.

Never one to ignore a Priceline beauty sale, I'm looking forward to giving all those NYX lip glosses / liquid lip sticks a test run over the next few weeks.  I might even find my official going away shade amongst them.

While I'm here confessing all my shopping sins, I really should let you know about the big one. 

So anyway, this happened as well.  I've had idle thoughts about a pair of leather leggings for the cooler weather for a few weeks now.  I started looking at all the usual high street suspects but could never get in store to try any on.  Which is how I found myself at Scanlon Theodore earlier this week.  I have this permanently gorgeous friend (both inside and out) who was wearing her pair of ST leather leggings when we met up a few weeks back so it was obviously a sign when I walked in store and was directed to the last few pairs available.  

I'm going out on a limb here, but I hereby officially forgive Scanlon Theodore for being one of those stores who not only have curtains to partition their change cubicles but who also that single mirror beyond the changing area arrangement.  It's a set up ripe for public humiliation.  Which is why I prefer to shop on a quiet weekday...

Oh, these leggings are the business.  After patiently hearing me out about post, post, post baby body changes, the (childless) and super petite sales assistant and I both agreed that these particular leggings did a good job of making the best of where my body is right now.  So of course I bought them on the spot.  And of course I'm going to be wearing them to death for the rest of the year.

I'm looking forward to a little break from the weekend routine of ferrying Preschooler SSG here and there powered by a mug of instant coffee.  He really enjoys his activities and I do love seeing him learn, laugh and improve but it's going to be lovely not shrieking and running around like a headless chicken as I try to safely corral humans and their bits and pieces into the car.

We also have a host of catch ups and parties to attend over the next little while and I can't wait to catch up with some of my favourite people.  We have so much to discuss.

Over to you, anything particular that you can't wait for as we head towards that magical Easter break?

Embracing leather leggings yourself this season?


  1. I don't think I could pull off leather leggings (both literally and figuratively). We're off to Europe for 3 weeks and I can't wait. It's been 10 years since we were last there. The cost is diabolical so that's a little stressful (we need some invoices to be paid so we actually have money to spend...yikes!)

  2. Easter break is certainly something to look forward to SSG! Like many no doubt, I'm tacking on some extra days to maximise the number of days off I get. Already thinking about the list of things I want to accomplish during that time, with the luxury of time to potter through them.

  3. What a busy time ahead...even though it's not work related. It's the go go life these days isnt it? Gosh, this time next year your child's first term at school will almost be over...I know you are in the throes of choosing a school (or in some cases, the school choose your child...I find that one hard...) so I wish you well and I am glad you brought the clothes that made your heart sing!!

  4. Love the leather leggings. If only I could squeeze into them! No we are having a quiet Easter staying at home because the following weekend we are off to Italy for 5 weeks. Yes! I'm super excited about our upcoming holiday. Bring it on! :) #TeamLovinLife

  5. Those change rooms with curtains and no inside mirrors are diabolical! I prefer to not buy anything rather than head outside of the safety of my change room to check myself out.
    Glad to hear that the leggings were a winner though! Bring on winter :)

  6. I would look forward to all of those things as well! I love stationery and used to look forward to going back to school each year or sending the kids back to school with new stationery items. Those phones look so cute I think I'll get one for my grandson's birthday which is in april. Lots to look forward to and have a great week. Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

  7. Ooh leather leggings - that's brave. Looking forward to a photo though. I've dallied with the idea - if they look good you can rest assured that being made of leather they'll last for a long time and serve you well . Those phones are super cute!! #teamlovinlife

  8. YOu will look so cute in your leather leggings! I don't know if I could wear them, being of a "certain age" I tend to overheat easily ...

  9. Oh that cake! And no shoes! Enjoy the phone set. You'll wish you never bought by end of Friday

  10. I'm sure you're rocking your leather leggings SSG! I don't have the thighs for leather pants I'm afraid, but they do look smashing on those with great legs :) #TeamLovinLife

  11. I haven't counted up the number of alarm free days I get over Easter yet but that is definitely something to look forward to. Enjoy your break. I too am looking forward to the pause in kids activities as well as some slow starts to the day.

  12. I am so jealous, I love Scanlan but nothing is bigger than a size 12 so don't even go in anymore. There stuff is built to last though so am sure you will get lots of wear per $$ out of them

  13. Love those phones & am just a little addicted to urban decay, but the primer? I think I might get me some of that! #teamlovinlife

  14. The phones look like fun!
    And I'm off cake at the moment so that cup cake is doing crazy things to my will power/

  15. Oh I envy your leather leggings SSG! I couldn't pull them off at all but once upon a time I might have. Enjoy the Easter break! :-) #TeamLovinLife


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