Mar 28, 2017

The Tuesday To Do List. Other Things.

What's not to love about a day off during the week?

A day I cherish so deeply that I unashamedly plan every single hour of 'me time' on a to do list / time line hastily scrawled on a yellow Post It Monday night before bed.

Hasn't it been lovely falling in love with the sun all over again these last few days?  Even being stuck in the city bound traffic on Victoria Road managed to be a joyous experience as the sun gently baked my arms through the windscreen.  Have you ever seen yourself bathed in the glow of the Sydney sun through an open sunroof?  Just get out there, do it and wonder why there is neither an Instagram filter or bottle of make up that promises to deliver the same buffed up shimmer to your face.

It's not every day that you find yourself greeted by a film crew on your walk into work.  Well, I wasn't technically greeted  by them (walked into them would be more accurate) and they weren't there to film me but it was exciting to see all the equipment and experts it takes to film a scene and get it looking just so.

I love the cafe near work so much I bought their official Keep Cup this week.  I love the colour scheme they chose too.   The vibe I get is 'inner city bumble bee' - that band of concrete grey works so well with the black and yellow.  Or maybe I'm just overthinking it a  little.

There was so much temptation at Costco the other day and I managed to walk past all of it except

this 6 pack of EOS lip balm that everyone was loving this time last year and

our traditional lunch of too much food and soft drink.  Preschooler SSG and I have a tradition of sharing the smallest tray of sushi you can buy from the ready to go food inside Costco and a hot dog meal from the kiosk outside.  We invariably end up with half a tray of sushi to take home for dinner and around half a hot dog we save for afternoon tea.

But back to the lip balm.  It's beautifully packaged and so easy to use.  No winding up or squeezing, just unscrew the top and you're ready to go.  The only problem is that the regular formula just doesn't do much for my dry lips.  I'll give one of the Visibly Soft versions from the pack a go next  Fingers crossed they're better on me.

One last thing before I leave you to tackle my Tuesday To Do List.  Chicken Parmiagana .... The Jaffle.  It's a thing and it's Very Good.  I used some left over barbecue chicken in mine and added some spinach leaves after jaffling.  It doesn't have the crunch of a deep fried crumb crust (sigh) but gee they're a good dinner option for those crazy Mondays.


  1. Shame that lip balm didn't work for you - I remember everyone raving about them too, but I'm loyal to my Luca's Paw Paw at the moment :)

    What were they filming for, did they let you know? Pretty cool!

  2. How you make an ordinary day so interesting to read astounds me. Your mind must be buzzing with words as you travel through your day. We're enjoying warm sun and longer days now.


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