Apr 10, 2017

Life This Week 10/4/2017: Easter.

What Easter looks like for us this year.....

The eggs have been hung on our 'Easter Tree'

and elsewhere by Preschooler SSG.

Preschooler SSG has painted his Easter.... piglet.  I'm still trying to figure out the Easter connection there.  Bacon and eggs for brunch over the Easter long weekend perhaps??

Our Easter egg care package for the teachers and support staff at preschool is packed and ready to go for delivery today.  I'm looking forward to the Easter themed afternoon tea preschool will be hosting just before everyone signs off for the long weekend.

I along with the rest of Sydney that will be staying right where we are all earnestly hoping that this glorious weather will stay a while.  I'm looking forward to enjoying this city with just a few less people and cars to contend with for a few days.  The commute to work for the next fortnight is going to be as close to blissful as driving to work can get.

The city is already feeling a lot less hectic and stressed with the school holidays having started.  People were actually happy rather than harried at my local Westfield food court during the Saturday lunchtime peak hour.  There was this collective exhale at not having to grab lunch before rushing on to the rest of the day's commitments.

So here's to an extended long weekend of lazy brunches and scooter walks around the 'hood.

I just have to remember to stock up on the hot cross buns before Friday.


  1. You have an Easter tree? You are the best mum. Seriously. I love how you really celebrate every celebration.

  2. Love the Easter Egg tree! I love that the weather starts to cool down around Easter time. Enjoy your extended weekend. x
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond.

  3. It's all on my to-do list! Have a fun Easter weekend!!

  4. Sounds like a great plan for the next 2 weeks..doesn't it make a difference when kids are on hols! It is so cold today though so I hope the warmth returns for some outdoors stuff over the break. Enjoy!! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 15/52. Next week is 'A Special Memory'.

  5. Oh you've reminded me I don't have anything for the ladies at daycare for Easter, doh! I am so behind on so many things this year. I'm sure I still have some paper from last year's basket somewhere. Enjoy the break SSG, even if you do just get the benefit of a shorter commute with the quieter roads.

  6. Could the Easter piglet be something to do with spring and new life? And that they ran out of lambs? Plus piglets are so cute and sweet? LOL.
    Kudos on the Easter tree there! #LifethisWeek

  7. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!


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