Apr 5, 2017

Missing Melbourne. The Weather.

Early autumn in Sydney is as close as we get to Melbourne's year round 'four seasons in one day' climate.

It's been too long since I've last visited Melbourne but for some reason, the weather patterns of the last few weeks have gotten me missing and craving a little hit of that first Major Australian City I ever travelled to from Perth.

It's a sign.  Maybe I should start making plans to be there for the Grand Final this year?

Saturday began bathed in sun and to celebrate, Preschooler SSG and I took the scenic route through the fancy side of our suburb where the front gardens did not disappoint.

And the store fronts were similarly spectacular.

Our destination was a fourth birthday party at a hidden gem of a playground that is part of preschool during the week and generously open to the public at weekends.

Preschooler SSG's favourite thing was this working water pump.  Together with his friends, a steady stream was soon flowing around the edge of the garden and down into the sandpit.

Then, as it cooled down to evening, I slipped into my activewear (naturally) to attack the garden.  A swept and de-leaved sidewalk is a happy sidewalk.

I suppose if it had to get cold and wet, at least the weather was kind enough to time the change for the working week.  Preschooler SSG managed to get a bit of gardening done at preschool.

And I joined the pool nannas for a swim yesterday.  It's definitely a nanna thing being able to hang winter jackets and coats with such tidiness in a change room.  I'm usually in such a rush to get to the pool that my things are lumpily flung onto the nearest available hook with scant attention paid to the need to hang things properly too minimise creasing and retain garment shape.

I'm not the only one feeling the need for a bit of Melbourne in my life right now.  Cotton On Body at Bondi Junction has had a bit of a makeover and it is looking a bit whimsical yet pared back at the moment.  The changeroom tags feature words to ponder as your try to decide which leggings suit you best (besides all of them) and they've gone a bit botanical with their skincare range.

Are you heading to Melbourne anytime soon?

Loving, hating or indifferent to the change in the weather?


  1. No I'm not heading to Melbourne 😊 . Whilst you sweep I'm weeding over here. It's going to be a gorgeous 70 on Sunday.

  2. I want to visit Melbourne! I experience the "four seasons in one day" climate it seems on a daily basis.
    Do you know about Spell and The Gypsy Collective out of Byron Bay? I follow them on Blogger and on Instagram under spell_byronbay. The clothes are beautiful, but way out my price range.

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