Apr 11, 2017

Tuesday at Target.

What's not to like about a runway to real way find? 

I've had this thing for Banjo & Matilda cashmere star sweaters for the longest time.  They're long been a key player in my parallel fashion universe.  The one where I coltishly go about my daily business propelled by a pair of legs that do justice to whiter than white skinny jeans.  To extend the equine metaphor, I also have a mane of perfectly untussled yet tussled hair in this world.  It stays put yet bounces as I scan my own groceries at Woolworths or as I run ahead of a preschooler to restrain him at pedestrian crossings.  I do not roughly prod the touch pad at the checkout when I can't find what I'm trying to pay for here.  Nor do I raise my voice on this planet.

Funnily enough, this little universe of mine has remained parallel to my actual life for as long as I can remember.

Until today where Target has managed to teleport the sweater part of my fantasy world into my suburban, working mum reality.  Behold this Lily Loves printed pullover ($29 AUD).  I get the feeling that the Lily Loves in house label is actually pitched at a younger demographic than the one I'm firmly stuck in (I found the sweater near a rack of skater dresses) but there are some things in fashion that are ageless and star knits are one of them.

And, just quietly, if you're not sold on the star sweater look... there are also spot and animal print sweaters which are also $29.  Both are a longer line fit with a scalloped as opposed to ribbed hem.  They look great with track pants an jeggings.  Don't ask me how I know.

Speaking of trackies, are your preschooler's new pairs for this year already worn through at the knees and stretched out at the cuffs?  Target can help there too.  I found these for $8 per pair for Preschooler SSG and a similar range was also displayed over in the girls clothing area.

Available in black, navy and grey, I'm especially keen on these elasticated cuffs.  They feel like quite sturdy which possibly counts for little in the rough and tumble world of preschool but I hope they'll keep their shape and not stretch too much with repeated wears and tumble dries.  Trackie legs that creep up are the work of the devil.  Especially in winter.

Preschooler SSG and I have an Easter baking project planned.  I know my limits so we're not making hot cross buns.  We are, however, making something chocolate based.  Hoping this Swiss brand that Woolworths have just started stocking does the trick.  Blocks of Lindt are around $4.25 at the moment!

I've had to rejig this week's food budget because I managed to sped $15 on a tiny packet of miso.  My regular brand had sold out at our local About Life (possibly because it only cost $7 for twice the amount...).  I wonder what caused the run on miso paste?  Pete Evans, was it you?

Anyway, my new miso is organic and made from brown rice.  I use miso in salad dressing mainly so I'll be interested to see what brown rice adds to the taste.

Better get going.  I've got baking ingredients to hide somewhere in the kitchen.  Yes, icing sugar is a preschooler food group in this household.  At least it's gluten free?

Be well.


  1. Pfft- you are fab in reality! Don't worry about fantasy!

  2. I shop from the Lily Loves collection too...even though I'm not exactly the target market. Do you remember the label Free Fusion they used to have before Lily Loves?


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