May 1, 2017

Life This Week 1/5/2017: Taking Stock.

May is officially the month where I start feeling that the year is flying by too quickly.  Sure I might mutter a few 'March already!?!?'-s and 'I can't believe it's Easter!'-s here and there but when the calendar turns over to May, it all gets serious for me.  May turns into June, the official halfway point of the year and then the rest of the single digit months seem to speed by at the speed of light.  October?  That's pretty much the unofficial start of the festive season and summer for me.

But I digress.  Today's 'Life This Week' theme is Taking Stock so without further ado, let's get cracking.  Apologies in advance for the US-centric responses.  I'm just a little excited to heading over later this month.

Making: flowers out of red patty cases.  They're for a Mother's Day poster that Preschooler SSG is making for my mum.

Cooking: slow cooker lasagna.  It freezes well and makes for a weeknight dinner that's easier than ordering take away.

Drinking: less Coke Zero than I used to and my entire body is thanking me for it.

Reading: 'The Handmaid's Tale.'  Hulu has just released a new series based on Margaret Atwood's 1986 novel starring the incredibly talented Elisabeth Moss.  Moss inhabits her roles in a way that mesmerizes me, and I'm really keen to see her interpretation of Offred.  

But back to 'The Handmaid's Tale'.  I find myself having to pace my reading of it this time around.  In this world of Trump's America, the rise of religious extremism and my own growing older and wiser since my last reading - Atwood's words and ideas are proving to be just a little too close to reality right now.

Trawling: through the internet for YouTube videos that will hopefully help me fix my printer.  It worked the last time my printer died.  How many lives do printers have, I wonder?

Wanting: to be more patient and less shouty than I currently am.  I sometimes feel like I run out of my best possible self by the time I unlock the door when I get home after work.

Looking: for 3kg bags of navel oranges.  They're as rare as hen's teeth in the supermarkets right now.

Deciding: that I prefer my hair longer and that, for now, I'm not going to follow the adage that about shorter hair and older age going hand in hand.

Wishing: that the dishes would put themselves away.  I'm okay with giving the laundry a hand but the dishes?  They seem to multiply faster than I thought possible.

Enjoying: the countdown until my trip.  14 days today....

Waiting: out the remaining 18 months on a demerit point offense as best I can.  I've been keeping my eye on my speedometer as I go through the cross city tunnel each day and I drive like a nanna through school zones.  I'm aiming to be down to zero demerits by October 2018.  If you're ever driving behind me in Sydney, at least you'll know the reason why I drive like I do.  Not that this explanation will ease your  peak hour traffic frustration.

Liking: these nifty $2 kitchen accessories at KMart.  They're so handy and take up so little room.  Not to mention the range of colours they come in.

Wondering: why a punnet of blueberries cost $9(!!) these days.

Loving: the slight chill in the air at nightfall.  Huge novelty factor, I suspect.

Pondering: books to upload to my Kindle.

Listening: The Jersey Boys soundtrack.  I loved the film and would love to see the theater production one day.  It's music that never fails to make me smile and I remember walking out of the cinema day with a considerable amount of pep in my step.  It's how things ought to be be when you've been to the movies.

Considering: whether there's any space left in my freezer for another round of batch dinner cooking tomorrow.  Probably not.

Buying: US dollars.  And I'm feeling the pain.

Watching: the Harry Styles and James Corden facetime video from last week.  I'll be arriving in Texas the first night of 'Harry Styles Week' plus I'll be jetlagged.  It all bodes well for my being able to stay up for the show.  I just have to confirm which television channel it's on and that I'll be able to find it on the hotel's television.

Hoping: to get my flu vaccine at work.  I've been putting it off, but the staff health nurse is visiting us twice this week to make sure no one misses out.

Marveling: that pimples and wrinkles can coexist on the same face.  Life can be so unfair.

Cringing: at these plastic jeans.  No.  Just no.

Needing: a new kitchen timer.  It must be able to count hours. Huge slow cooker fan over here.

Questioning: where all my black biros at work disappear to.  I'm convinced that there's a Bermuda Triangle specifically for them.

Smelling: my mug of peppermint tea.

Wearing: polar fleece zip-up tops.  Warm, soft and indestructible.  Perfect for what the weekends hold at my place.

Noticing: my flexibility improving with my home yoga practice.

Knowing: that the days are long but the years are short.

Thinking: of what to pack.  I need to start writing my list and get my suitcases out.

Admiring: the beauty of this fabulous city.  I won't lie, I will miss the water, the sky, the people .. even the annoying things while I'm away but a new city and new adventures beckon.

Getting: Grammarly installed on my computer.  Here's an independent review.  So far, I'm finding it very easy to use for basic spelling and punctuation errors.  I like how it explains the errors it detects.  Here's to better-punctuated sentences and less spelling errors in my future posts!

Bookmarking: Australian radio station websites so I can still listen to them while I'm away.  The different time zone will ensure that I'll be able to listen to a different range of radio hosts as well.

Opening: the secret storage area in the spare room for the first time this year.  Inside were a spare heater and vaporizer that we'll be needing for these cooler nights.

Closing: the oven door on this week's batch of baked oats.

Feeling: excited.

Hearing: the chirp of bird outside, the ticking of the kitchen clock behind me and the soothing hum of the oven all around as it bakes my oats.

Celebrating: lifelong friends and the various apps that keep us in touch with each others lives.

Pretending: not to be annoyed by the drama at the shopping centre car park most weekday evenings and most weekend afternoons.  Actually, I'm not pretending.  I am genuinely unfazed.  I've risen above it.  I'm not even thinking about retaliating.  I get a whole week's relief from it when I get on that plane.

Embracing: the moment.


  1. That lasagne looks absolutely delicious! I made one last Thursday for Mr M's birthday but it turned out a little dry, I'll have to try your version. I love those patty pan flowers as well! #LifeThisWeek

    1. Slow Cooker Lasagna is a game changer. Nothing goes dry and there's so much flavour to be enjoyed with every bite.

      SSG xxx

  2. Love the craft work with the cupcake holders I might try that with my grandson. I'm looking forward to slow cooker season now that winter is almost here. Have a great week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. Cupcake cases are a life saver for home crafting, Sue. So many possibilities and easy to buy as well.

      SSG xxx

  3. I want to watch that Handmaiden's tale - heard good things.

  4. Oh I've never thought of slow cooker lasagne! Is it hard to get out afterwards?

    1. Yes, it doesn't serve neatly but boy it tastes good!

      SSG xxx

  5. I am with you regarding coke zero.
    Yes the days are long and the years are short xx

  6. I can sense your excitement for getting away. So cool that you are going OS. Start buying as many of those dollars as you can afford right now, as who knows with budget night coming up on 9 May what will happen with the currency. Great post to catch up with you. My hub got done for points and big fine for a lapse of concentration when he was stopped at a red light, then took off at close to 55 when it was till 40 in the school zone...grrrrrr. It is one of the top revenue raisers in NSW where it happened. Booo! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 18/52 Next week: "My Mondays".

  7. Oh yum slow cooker lasagne would be the best! Yours looks delicious :) I really don't use our slow cooker enough, need to get some new recipes and start cooking in bulk for easy meals after my return to work!

    I'm with you on the plastic jeans too - I just don't get them at all!

  8. I am wanting to read The Handmaiden's Tale. I don't have Hulu, so I may have to find another way to watch it. I received a speeding ticket this past Saturday going to my father's house. Sigh.....

  9. Didn't realise you could make lasagne in a slow cooker. The chill in the air is weird for autumn...I'm not looking forward to winter! Where are you off to? I must have missed your previous post on that. #lifethisweek


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