May 15, 2017

Life This Week 15/5/2017: Fave Junk Food.

My favourite junk food is the kind you eat in foreign cities.

I know I'm rubbing it in, but by the time this post gets published, I'll be at the airport.  Hopefully checked in and waiting for my plane.  I'll have my laptop with me and the plan is to sit some place quiet with some thinking drinks as I catch up on some stuff that requires a mind that's receptive, calm and happy to be there.  All of which tends to happen after a medicinal mimosa or two.

I'm not a big junk food eater at home but something happens when I cross the Pacific.  It might be jet lag or it might be the holiday feels setting in but suddenly, junk food meals twice a day don't seem like such a bad idea after all.

Ironically, about the only thing I don't eat when I'm in the US is chocolate.  I might eat a bar and a bag of chips on the plane in my jammies when I wake up due to body clock confusion but when I land, the only chocolate I might eat would be the bar I bring with me off the plane as a 'just in case' snack.

Forget the acclaimed local cuisines, restuarants and chefs - it's the fast food chains I'm obsessed with when we got out for dinner.  The local, free and plentiful condiment packages entertain me for hours with the sheer range of options.

My most memorable burger meal would have been back in 2014 when we went to Shake Shack in New York.  We went quite a few times actually... just for quality assurance.

Chick Fil A at the airport is always good.  Must look them up in Dallas...

On to snack foods.  I love how American processed food manufacturers manage to make low fat taste so good.  I tend to sit back, close my eyes and refrain from reading the ingredient list as I snack.

Must remember to buy my Chex Mix at the supermarket too.  Speaking of supermarkets, one of my favourite things to do in the US is to roam the aisles of local supermarkets just to see what's on offer.  Hours of fun but my eyes are always bigger than my stomach.

It's not just junk food that I inhale stateside, I quite fancy their gossip magazines as well.  Again, something I don't really indulge in back home but is one of those simple pleasures of being in the country that gave us the Kardashians.

I still have fond memories of every single wedge of cheesecake I've ever eaten from the Cheesecake Factory.  I really need to google and see if they're anywhere near where I'll be staying in San Antonio.

What's your relationship with junk food?  Love it both at home and abroad, hate it both places or are you a bit like me?


  1. if the Mimosa counts as junk food, that's probably the winner right there...

  2. Wishing you a fabulous holiday!

  3. Have a fabulous holiday! Looking forward to hearing about it.

  4. Smiths crisps would have to be my favourite junk food. Mmmmm salty goodness! Enjoy your trip! 😀

  5. Cheesecake. You must have that as you say. Plus keylime pie. Drink a Cosmopolitan, for me. I haven't found a decent one in the UK yet.

  6. I don't drink much at all but I do love a mimosa!! When I did my one and only OS trip to US I travelled a lot on Hawaiian airlines and their food was the BEST junk food ever. With the sandwiches came chips and softdrink...and their in-flight snack was a little bag of mixed nuts and pretzels that I loved so much I pinched a few packs in their lounge at LA. Have a great time!! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 20/52. Next week "How I learn best."

  7. Enjoy your trip! I'm sure you will :)

    I'm a junk food in moderation person. Which might mean twice a week some weeks or none for a month, haha. Depends on how I'm feeling! :) I do tend to eat more junk food while away though, so it's nice to come back to home cooked meals at the end of a trip! :)

  8. We don't have Shake Shack where I'm from and it's a source of much consternation from me because I hear so much great stuff about it! Have an awesome trip in the US!

  9. Shake shack!
    My favourite US junk food is Arby's cheddar curly fries. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.
    Happy holiday!

  10. I can do the mimosa but the rest of that stuff, blergh, no thanks at home or whilst travelling.
    Have a great trip.

  11. Hope you enjoy your holiday State side! Try some true Texan barbecue and let me know what you think. I haven't ventured that far West to find out.


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