May 11, 2017

Lovin' Life 11/5/2017: All Kinds of Things.

This week's highlight reel.
I'm reading 'The Vacationers' by Emma Straub.  As if I need anything else to get me into the forthcoming holiday vibe.  'The Vacationers' is about couples of all kinds and families when they go away over the summer.  While the sun, new accents, abundance of food and the break from routine are so good for the soul, all that time makes room for the relationship issues you thought you left behind to surface.

I'm a huge fan of Straub's writing style.  The acidic wit, the dramatic flight of fancy internal dialogues of her characters and the way this is all tempered with warmth and humanity.  She also manages to fit all of this into the seemingly mundane and semi-predictable scenarios that families and long-term couples fall into.  There's always this sense of there being something a little different this time in that sameness.

A KFC popcorn chicken Go Bucket is the post on call recovery lunch of champions.  Sleep deprivation is pretty much a hangover without the fun so it stands to reason that the same key food groups (and chemicals) would cure them both.  I'm going to be on the KFC train (or similar) a lot over the next little while.  Guess I'll just have to eat healthier in Texas or maybe after I get home.

My red Hunter wellies aren't just great for the rain, they're a great gardening boot as well.  It's not really gardening to be honest.  More raking and lawn tidying.  But those boots make me look and feel as if I mean business.

My latest crop of Indian limes are orange.  Wonder what this means?  They were all green last year.  Perhaps I picked them when they weren't ripe enough last year.

I received a very thoughtful and generous but entirely unnecessary gift from my colleague.  My bathroom is going to be looking the goods over the coming weeks.

My lavishly packaged spoils from Willow and Lotus' Eastergram sale have arrived.

There was a tense moment at Coles when I couldn't find Sriracha in the International Foods aisle.  You would've thought that it would be amongst all the Asian chilli sauces, right?

Wrong.  It's actually in the tomato sauce section.  Possibly becuase of its American origins?

I was so glad to have found it that I bought two bottles and Preschooler SSG strapped them into the trolley seat next to him for extra security.

It looks like we're very much back to the future at my local Westfield.

There are now electric car recharging stations in the car park.  It was all very high tech (unsurprisingly) with lots of flashing screens and animation at the recharge consoles.

And that, my friends, is what I've been loving in this last week before I cross all those time zones in search of things to love about life in Texas.

Take care and be well.


  1. I love your red Hunter wellies! They look so bright and smart! Perfect for the Autumn and Winter seasons!


  2. Love your spoils from Willow and Lotus and how lucky are you to get such a lovely gift from your colleague! Orange Limes? Electronic car charging stations? My mind boggles! You're going to Texas? I am so envious! Have a fabulous time! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  3. Love your wellies & I'm already building an aesop list for when I'm in Sydney in a week or so. Re the Vacationers - which I'm about to go looking for - I was listening to a podcast while walking the morning that was talking about this very issue. Synchonicity, perhaps? #TeamLovinLife

  4. I can sense the excitement in this post! Not long now, and up up and away. I think what we expect of Doctors is Australian govt what are you going to do to change this?? That kind of parking situation could only be at WBJ couldnt it? Happy Vacay!!

  5. Have fun in Texas! I'm sure you will! And definitely indulge in the food - you can be good when you get home, haha!

  6. You've certainly had a busy and varied week - mine was quite mundane in comparison - although I do have KFC lined up for my Mothers Day lunch (always an excellent - very occasional - treat!)

  7. Your KFC requirements made me LOL. " Sleep deprivation is pretty much a hangover without the fun." Oh, and I need to read that book!
    All the books on my beside table are autobiographies right now but I'd love some good chick lit to throw in there.

  8. I've seen those electric charge car parks only this week in Brisbane SSG. I also might check out The Vacationers. I'm sure I've heard of it. Have a great week!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  9. I haven't had KFC in ages.
    I am sorry you are sleep deprived, here is hoping it ends soon.
    Cilla xx

  10. Love your red gumboots/wellies SSG! And the electric car charging stations are rather on-trend... they're everywhere in European cities :) x #TeamLovinLife

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