May 2, 2017

On the Table. Various Things.

It's been a pretty hectic couple of days for the table tops of SSG Manor 2.0.

There are times when there's nothing better in life than leaning back in your chair, hoisting your heels up onto the dining table chair directly opposite you and wallowing in a random array of things.  Catalogues, sample sachets, more substantial gifts with purchase, a block of Aldi chocolate, some green tea from Costco, the cordless phone, preschooler treasures.  

It's a cornucopia of delights.

My plan with the Mecca haulage is groundbreaking.  I'm not going to squirrel away any of them.  Instead, I'm going to actually use them on my trip.  I've got boxes and boxes of samples saved up for some elusive special occasion so rather than add to the backlog, I'm just going to rip open these sachets with abandon in Texas.  And quite possibly on the plane.  I might even share them with my seat neighbour if he or she is keen.  Might be best to wait until after the 'thank goodness I've made it on board drinks service' has come around, I think.

The Woolworths magazine in the background of my ... homely... flat lay was an especially good read this month.  There were a variety of shortcut cakes I intend to make for upcoming morning teas and birthdays, notably the butter cake with the baked in pre-made chocolate profiteroles and a genius sounding dinner idea.  You know how my working mum dinner menus revolve around resourceful ways to use dry soup mix?  Well.  I found this recipe for baked chicken parma.  It features a 'NEW' tomato soup mix and panko bread crumbs.  It's all going to happen this weekend.  I'll let you know how it goes.

My email inbox via my iPhone that was hidden somewhere under that flat lay (or perhaps I was using it to take a photo of the flat lay) held exciting news.  Paula Hawkins' latest novel, 'Into the Water' has just been released for Kindle and because I pre-ordered ages ago, it was automatically delivered to my device overnight.  Love your work, Amazon and I can't wait to read on the plane.  If you've read 'Into the Water', I'd love to know how you found it.

The first four volumes of my hardcover Chatbooks arrived in the post today as well.  I love the quality and their size.  Wasn't Preschooler SSG so tiny and still back in the day?  For reference, the books are about the height of a Macbook.

The spines feature  your chosen title, volume number and dates the photos within span.

Detail of the binding.

More newborn memories.  The photos feature dates and location automatically displayed to the top of the photos.  There is an option for captions but who has the time or energy to be witty and perceptive yet succinct 60 times in the one book?

Beyond my tabletops, I've spent the day strolling the sidewalks of the 'hood getting stuff done.  My hair, buying greenbacks (ouch), at the post office, trying to get motivated to do some 'study'.  I'm a huge fan of e-learning.  I love how you can press pause and rewind as often as you like on the videos to complete your notes.

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  1. Oh that book turned out beautifully! :) I really need to try it out and get some photos of baby boy, I've got books all over the place for the toddler but not as many printed of the baby yet.


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