May 18, 2017

Tales From Texas #1: Texas Shop Girl In La La Land.

Greetings from San Marcos, Texas.

Where the people are lovely, the food plentiful and the soundtrack of my days is this:

I finally saw La La Land on the plane

and I loved it. Not just for Ryan and Emma, nor the technicoloured and slightly nostalgic view of modern day LA but also for the music.  From some of A-Ha's finest to the toe tapping opening song 'Another Day of Sun'', it was just one of those films that made me smile, believe in romance and that 'wouldn't it be lovely' notion of finding 'someone in the crowd'.  It's all so very good for putting that much needed pep back into one's step.

I danced (actually shook around in my pyjamas clumsily) in my seat with the soundtrack in my ears as I drank ... kale juice

and anointed myself with various Aesop products.  Tacit is a very fresh, basil scented fragrance that was presented as a perfume soaked alco-wipe arrangement.

'La La Land' the soundtrack is now being played 24/7 on my iPhone which incidentally now has a very cracked screen from when I dropped it that first jetlagged night.  Not to worry, though, I'm all booked into the Apple store back home the day I return home to get it fixed.  And double do not worry, I'm digging deep and live Instagramming the minutiae of this trip despite this impossible challenge.  I should possibly have the in-room TVs (plural!!) on the news to get the latest on The Donald (he's in a spot of bother, I gather), Miley being in New York and Harry Styles staying at James Corden's. 

But.  So.  Much.  To.  Discuss.

Like how the plain water dispenser at most restaurants is a little push tab under the lemonade (it's always the drink second from the left which is always lemonade) dispenser.  Be careful not to push the tab and the thing at the back simultaneously otherwise you'll get watered down lemonade.

Chipotle bowls are still as delicious as I remember them from New York.

I can now officially join the ranks of the yummy mummies of the 'hood back home thanks to these $70 AUD Stans.  They seem to wear them year round, even in winter.  Without socks and always impossibly white.  Do you reckon they're bleached (the shoes not the mothers) after each use?  I've always been curious.  There's also possibly more to being a yummy mummy than the shoes but baby steps (heh heh) first...

Stateside traditions have been observed.

A bowl of Raisin Bran with actual skim milk and a mug of good old Lipton's - double bagged and apparently 'America's Favorite Tea' as it is in Australia.

Runs on the treadmill have been had with my trusty speed converter index card in clear view.

I haven't braved the in room Mr Coffee machine yet but I have tried Sunkist Enhanced Water.  It's really sweet...

And I've had coffee with a few pumps of Coffee-mate.  Just because.

Which brings us to my most loved tradition of all, The Premium Outlets.  This time with a handy International Size Conversion chart.  Australia, we made the cut and have our own size line!

I'll spare you any more snippets from my internal age appropriate clothing dialogue and just show you the pictures instead.  Here we have some SFAM skinnies.  Do you remember SFAM from back in the day?  They were the first US denim label I bought with my hard earned dollars at David Jones.  Because Jennisfer Aniston had them.  In one size for when she was photgraphed standing and another for if she were to be photographed sitting.  The glossies don't lie and while I have a mind like a sieve for faces, I do remember my celebrity facts.

These jeans are different to my existing skinnes in that they have frayed hems, sit just at the ankle (rather than being too long), have a few rips here and there and were bought in grey and khaki as well as the blue.  Because firstly they were half US retail and then were three for the price of two...  How could I not?

It wouldn't be a trip into the Polo outlet without my walking past the girls section and imagining future nieces and what I might buy for them.  Apres swim!!

Saturday breakfast.  It's never brunch with preschoolers.  They babycino at 7am latest, certainly never as late as 10am.

Flag embroidered chino shorts for Preschooler SSG.  He'll be at school next year and I wonder if I'll still be able to gently direct his wardrobe choices then....

Lunch at Johnny Rocket's Diner complete with that authentic fifties diner decor and glassware.

That was a pretty amazing bacon and cheese burger...

I jumped on the bag charm bandwagon with these.  Why have a fluff ball, leather tassel, $800 (!!) leather horse or a practical tube of hand sanitizer hanging off your bag when you could have a hot dog or yellow cab instead?  Don't answer that but know that I'll be running around Sydney with one or the other trailing behind me.

Coach also had their Disney x Coach leather range on offer which worked out to be 50% off.  I went for the red Mickey ears coin purse and the motorcyle Mickey card holder.  They'll be perfect for that black Disco Soho I found myself carrying out of the duty free in Sydney.  How do these things happen?

I promise these two are my last shopping photos for this post.  Promise.

Carrying on with the red them, a red polo with lobsters embroidery detail for the Preschooler.

Nike LeBrons for the Perth nephew.

Before I go, a photo of my favourite fruit of this trip.  Red grapefruit.  Perfectly peeled and segmented.  I've been eating it by the plateful for breakfast.

Take care and I hope all is well with you.  I'm turning on NBC again to get the latest on Mr Trump.


  1. We in Australia knew a-ha mostly for Take On Me, and also perhaps The Sun Always Shines On TV, but they went back to Norway and had a long career full of really awesome music that many of us missed out on.

    Thanks to the internet we can now always see what we are missing, and a few years ago I caught up with all things a-ha. I love their newer music just as much as I did the 80's pop, and there must be something in Norway that means one never ages because Morten still looks as good as ever.

    Looks like you are enjoying your outlet time! ;) Happy travels to you.

  2. Looks and sounds like so much fun! Loving the insta updates and your travel hashtag. xx

  3. Oh don't ever apologise for the shopping photos - I am living through you as I'm still doing my no-shop challenge for a few more months!

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Disco purchase - I've had my eye on one for a while, want to get it in cobalt blue....


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