May 23, 2017

Work Ready. In Praise of Home.

These are the feet of a person who has Dug Deep and survived

a full 24 hours without their phone.  I had to surrender my iPhone to the Apple store yesterday because of how I cracked its screen that first evening in Texas.  I'm pleased to report though that all my sitting around at various tables around the Apple store over the last day or so has paid dividends.  I have a sparkly new screen and I've gotten myself a new case and screen protector.  And they were both securely attached to my phone before I left the store.

Being a day without your phone poses all sorts of existential questions.  Did it really happen if it happened in the absence of your phone?  Isn't it quaint going back to the good old days of simply talking and giving your undivided attention to whomever you may be speaking to?  Can't you feel all the tension drain from your shoulders as you find yourself unable to answer every little idle question your mind may ask because you can't Google or app it immediately?

I can't believe that I've only been home for a day.  The hours have flown by in a flurry of unpacking, decluttering, admin and just being Home.

Home is safe and it's sanctuary.  It's unglamorous and its beds are not made with perfect corners and unwrinkled blankets.  Its bathroom surfaces are not immaculate nor are they festooned with miniature toiletry bottles set in perfectly spaced lines.  Home is simply home and it's so good to be here.

The first thing I did after the taxi dropped me off was wheel my bags in, wipe off the wheels and turn on my heels back out the door and down the road for Real Coffee.  I'm going to need at least one Real Coffee a day for the next month to help me replace last week's Real Coffee deficit.  Sorry, contiguous states of the United States, as much as I love your collage of landmarks, tourist destinations, food, people and shopping your coffee is something I will struggle with indefinitely.  Hawaii (and Alaska), I've left you out of my sweeping statement because I know for a fact that the coffee in Hawaii is excellent.  I'll just have to visit you, Alaska, and see if you're up to scratch.

Best.  Amenity kit.  Ever.  Love your work, Qantas!!  I'm hanging on to this eye mask for my next flight.

I'm all unpacked and the suitcases are back up on their storage shelf.  Preschooler SSG's new gets have been parcelled up according to size and season and I'm remarkably un jetlagged.  I even managed to lose some weight (from my person not my luggage) this trip.  How does that even happen in Texas?

Perhaps it was these crudites at Dallas Fort Worth.

Or these 'are they Eames' recliners I relaxed on between flights.

I can't resist a Khloe cover.  Ivanka?  Neutral to negative.

Or perhaps it was getting up to speed with the latest on Khloe's life, love and body that saw me deplane with more energy than I had when I flew out.

It's taken two days but I'm ready to return to work tomorrow.  I've gone through all my work emails and snail mails.  Things have been shredded or recycled.  I've even stocked up on my beloved small, lined yellow index cards.

My slice for morning tea has been baked and is ready to be sliced.  Gotta love an AWW recipe - easy, economical yet very moreish.

I wonder how I'll feel about work after I get through tomorrow......


  1. I flew back from Dubai economy but as I'm a platinum flyer they always come and introduce themselves "anything we can do for you miss...." so this time I said "yes, I want one of those special edition amenity packs" and I got the one you have above. Love, love the eye mask!

  2. I have left my phone behind a few times. It involves me fb messaging family from my laptop to let them know that's how to find me. Other than that it is a bit freeing. Happy return home x

  3. Oh that's a cute toiletry kit! Nice! :)

    I would be lost without my phone for a lot less than 24 hours so I'm impressed you did it! I guess not much you can do when it's being repaired though! I rely on my phone so much, probably too much!

    Hope you are having a great week and you're settling back nicely and without any jetlag! I just published my first eBook so I'm having a pretty good week! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog


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