Jun 25, 2017

A Sunday Mostly At Home.

It's been a lazy, restorative kind of Sunday here.  

We took a brisk walk / scooter to the shops first thing in the morning where I was overjoyed to find Proper Strong Yorkshire Tea.  One hundred bags will only set you back around $6 at Woolies.  You can find Proper Strong in the regular tea aisle as opposed to the imports section where Barry's is.  Hopefully this is a sign that this means Proper Strong will be a permanent offering at a permanently fair price.

I broke up with both Lipton's and Twinings a few years back over strength (or lack thereof) issues.  Both brands suddenly required me to double bag their standard varieties to get that brewed to pitch blackness taste I love in my first cuppa of the day.  At first I thought it was just my ageing, fortysomething tastebuds.  Then both brands started introducing double strength varieties.  It's a sign of the times, this watering down of and economising the production of household staples.  

In breaking news for the home baker, may I introduce you to muffin wraps?  They're muffin cases that are made to look like how cafes and bakeries present their muffins.  I found these at Woolworths, $5 for 24.  They fit 12 hole muffin tins.

Today's muffins were made from an AWW recipe and the star ingredients were custard and pie apple.

The muffin wraps sit quite high above the rim of the muffin holes.  They did an admirable job of holding the batter, custard and chopped pie apple.  For the record, I was baking in my ugg boots.  The sun out was today but there was a chill to the air that had me slip into my trusty uggs first thing this morning and I've stayed in them ever since.

These are my baked muffins.  I really do like how they look in the muffin wraps.  Might work out to be a major cost lowering measure if I manage to find a YouTube video on how I could DIY these muffin wrappers.

The muffins themselves are quite firm and, surprisingly, not very sweet at all.  I could have done with a bit more brown  sugar in the topping if I could've turned back time.

A slightly under the weather Preschooler SSG  has been tackling a new Lego set today.  He's actually managed to put together one half of this police water rescue set all on his own.

He's also managed to make a couple of packets of jelly for the coming week.

I think he's well on the road to recovery.  Just in time for the start of the working week tomorrow.

Be well.


  1. I hope the little'un gets better soon xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely relaxing Sunday, and those muffins look great! :) My mum bakes a lot and uses those wrappers - makes her delicious treats even fancier looking. Sadly I did not inherit her cooking abilities, my sister did!

    Hope your son is feeling better tomorrow!

  3. I haven't tried Yorkshire Tea, but my mother has! My mother and I love Earl Grey, but my gran is a die hard Lipton girl-I have to go to the grocery about once a month just for tea (I usually buy the box with 100 bags). I love Celestial tea and Bigelow Herbal tea. I usually get Peppermint or Mint Medley (both are good for colds or when you want a little pep in your step). Mom likes the Earl Grey English Breakfast or the Chai.


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