Jun 2, 2017

Friday Drinks #13: White in Winter. Easing into the Weekend.

Friday, is that really you?

I'm always happy to see you regardless of how the week's been.  You're an obvious sight for sore eyes/ a kind of stop sign at the end of those crazy weeks but you're also a welcome signal to start easing into the weekend when the week hasn't been too bad all.  I'm one of those lucky people for whom the latter has been the case.  Things have been as under control as they can be both at work and at home, life's been going to plan, the gods of good health have been watching over us.  What more could you ask a week for?

There may not be many rules in fashion but I do remember the American one that it's apparently most indecorous to break: No White After Labor Day.  I think that it's basically about not wearing white after summer's end.  The way our autumn's been plus the fact that I did spend a week in the North American spring are my excuses for loving my white Stans sick.  But now that it's officially winter?  What's a girl to do?

If you're a fortysomething rebel like me then you live on the edge and wear those white Stans right through winter ... with matching white ankle socks.

Preschooler SSG is not normally one to voluntarily dress for the cooler weather but he's been loving rugging up in hoodies and jeans recently.  I found this fleece lined knit hoodie at Next Direct a few months back.  It's the navy dinosaur / dragon detailing that won me over...

Look at what the barista at the Woolies cafe gave us with our breakfast?  

The weekend's shaping up to be a combination of getting back into the routine with Preschooler SSG as well as much time as possible curled up with my Kindle and electric blanket.  My read of choice?  Tina Fey's 'Bossypants'.  I make it a point to reread 'Bossypants' at least once a year because its words never get old.  They are wise, they are poignant but above all, they are hilarious.  Always.

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  1. I still haven't read bossypants despite the great reviews! I really should.

    I saw that cute hoodie on instagram - my eldest has a similar one he got as a gift last year and I really need to find it as he might actually fit it this year!

    Enjoy your weekend SSG!


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