Jun 6, 2017

From the Weekend.

Scenes from the weekend...

Daiso has opened down the road from Westfield Bondi Junction.  I'm looking forward to finding myself more $2.80 essentials I never knew I needed.  It's interesting watching the retail landscape change in the arcade just beyond the major shopping centres.  Who knows what will open next?

I discovered COS and made my maiden purchase of a black cashmere scarf.  It's the beginning of the end for my credit card, I tell you.  So many beautiful yet practical and wearable things.  

We ventured into the city as night fell to catch what we could of Vivid.  By all accounts, it's been one of the best incarnations of the light festival so we were determined not to miss out.  Families were out in force just before nightfall and the mood was fun but disciplined.  Have you ever wanted to hear a chorus of parental units at the train escalators singing 'keep to the left, hold my hand and face forward' as all their offspring do exactly that?  Vivid's your chance...

We had time for an early dinner before the lights got officially switched on.

For Preschooler SSG this involved a hash brown from the all day breakfast menu at Maccas.

While I spent a fair amount of time trying to track down Coke Zero or bubbles by the glass.  It ended up being easier finding the Zero in a world of Pepsi Max.  Wouldn't it be lovely if food courts were able to sell wine by the glass after dark?  Especially to parents.

I had fresh spring rolls for dinner because I was eyeing up Messina for dessert a little later.

Messina.  They definitely have a way with words.  From the names of their dessert creations to their store signage.

We managed a quick walk through the Rocks and MCA area before the rain began in earnest.

It was just lovely seeing so many people out and about taking in the art, the lights and the entertainment.

I took the rain as a sign to head back under cover for dessert.

Tiramisu for me and Strawberries and Cream for Preschooler SSG.  Needless to say both were pitch perfect in the flavour and texture stakes.  Even if they were the most boringly / obviously named gelati on offer.

The skies then cleared miraculously for the rest of the evening. Extensive clearways were created and there was a large police presence to ensure they were enforced safely.  In addition, there was also private security staff patrolling the streets.  But it was the volunteers who were the loveliest of all.  With their maps and answers to our questions as well as their tips and tricks about how to get to points of interest.

Then the skies miraculously cleared for the rest of the night which left us able to explore few more installations than I had anticipated.

Highlights included these neon almost floral umbrellas in a laneway and the giant waratah atop a glistening, silvery fountain in Martin Place.

I'm hoping for a clear-skied evening over the long weekend coming up to give us a chance to return and explore a bit more of Vivid at night.

The city by day on Sundays is always a lucky dip of sights, tastes and sounds.  We were greeted by a Minion aboard a cruise liner docked at Circular Quay.

I bought lunch from a Vietnamese snack bar

before getting my coffee from a creperie.

Then it was off to the zoo where, I'm afraid, it was the special giant lanterns that had my heart today rather than the animals.

There were jewel toned larger than life creatures dotted around the zoo and they looked amazing in daylight, let alone being lit up against the night sky.

Have you seen the animal lanterns lit up at the zoo?  Were they magnificent?


  1. I loved your Vivid pics SSG! Every year I say I want to go, but there's always next year! We are planning a Sydney trip this year, but thinking school holiday time in September or October. All in a tizzy trying to pull off a third birthday party then the preparations will begin in earnest! I would love to catch up but I'm not certain how the days will go with two toddlers and I wouldn't be so bold as to assume you'd want to, I like your air of mystery! :)


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