Jun 26, 2017

Life This Week 26/6/2017: The Week In Pictures.

The week in pictures.

Bold clashes of colour and design on the discount shelves of Zara Home on Pitt Street.

Opening a new box of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.  There's something so comforting about its packaging.

A new painting by Preschooler SSG for my office.  My office wall collection spans the last year or so of his portfolio and it's been fascinating observing the changes in composition, use of colour and his evolving techniques.  It is 'just' preschooler art work but it all holds a special place in my heart for the progress and development it represents.

A massive bowl of Jamie Oliver's Brown Windsor Soup after an unexpectedly long and drama filled day .... at home for a change rather than at work.

Opening a new, luxe bar of soap.  It smells divine and makes me jump into the shower despite the icy mornings and evenings we've now got in Sydney.

Ironically needing SPF 50 in the middle of winter.  I had to get a few bits of my face lasered (nothing serious, just old age) and I'm meant to slather my face in high SPF every morning before I step out the door.  This 'black label' version from Mecca costs $40 and while it is a bit thick and opaque, it does blend out well enough to be practically invisible under makeup.

Getting a box seat view of where our new work car park will be one morning when I managed to get in earlier than most.  I wonder how long it will take to build?

Be well and wishing you a happy week ahead.


  1. I really need to be better with SPF outside of summer - I wear a BB cream that has sun protection in it but I don't' think anything compares to a dedicated product!

  2. Oh my, that Jamie Oliver brown windsor soup looks good (she says off to google the recipe)...

  3. That soup looks amaze!
    I am also doing the whole soup and stew thing right now. The crockpot is getting a workout. Faves are pumpkin soup, pea and bacon soup, chili con carne and a lamb and chick pea creation. The downside to working from home is the constant salivation to the fab smells coming from the slowing cook process. xoxoxo

  4. I have so much artwork from my 5 year old!! It is slowly making its way to the recycling bin!!!

  5. I can't wear anything on my face during the day as I sweat (so not even moisturiser) sadly.

    I love the bowls at the top. I spent ages a couple of years ago trying to find small bowls and ended up with these cheap things from Kmart which are actually perfect!

  6. The soup looks delicious and probably very comforting after a long day. Isn't pre-school art beautiful? I have one from my grandson on my fridge and recently his mummy was in hospital. He made her a lovely card at kindy and that says it all. Have a great week - hope the carpark building site isn't too noisy!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  7. The soup looks sooo good!! I love soups. I may just have to try this one!

  8. Crabtee and Evelyn. That takes me back. Classic English product. Are you having a UK fix what with the Yorkshire tea too!

  9. I thought the soup looked great too. I like it when parents display their kids' work in their workplace. It's lovely! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week will be the last link up for a while. My blog post of this week explains the reason.

  10. The soup looks really yummy - the carpark not so much - I hope you don't have to wade through that mess to get into work every day!

  11. Oooh that soup looks so delicious and comforting. I'm off to find the recipe.



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