Jun 8, 2017

Lovin' Life 8/6/2017: Black is the New Black.

It's uncanny how June's weather takes me by suprise every single year.  From the chill that greets me when I wake up before hanging around all day to the way the sun barely has a chance to rise before it disappears by mid afternoon, it's the way it has been in Sydney since the beginning of time.  Yet it's always so ... unexpected to me each June.  People visiting from Europe and North America must laugh as I pull on my down puffer jacket to walk from the car to the work each morning.  And then there's the ski gloves I wear in the morning when I run...  12C is freezing for Australian like me!

Not so much of a surprise in winter, though, is my love of a good black wardrobe staple.

My Disco Soho has been so good to me already this winter.  It's the perfect size for wearing as a cross body bag and I love the (tassled) zip top closure.  Its compact size has forced me to Kon Mari the contents of my handbag which can only be a good thing.  The things that currently bring me joy when I carry this bag are my Mickey ears coin purse and its matching card holder, both from The Outlets at San Marcos.

via Pinterest

In other bag adornment news, my black 'workhorse' bag has gone all 'festival' with a silk camellia I twisted up thanks to this YouTube video.

June is also about rediscovering some favourite black knits and skivvies.

My cashmere cardigan from Banana Republic has served me well over the years.  Long may she prosper!

Ditto my Uniqlo HeatTeach skivvies, worn here with more Banana Republic - a wool blend tweed skirt suit I got for under $50 in San Marcos.

My winter makeup finds have all been from Maybelline.  Chemist Warehouse's 50% off range of Maybelline eye makeup to be precise.  I'm linking to each product on their site as I discuss them I love them that much.  Hope you find something that suits for yourself.

Lash Sensational  (currently $10.98 AUD) delivers gloss, length, curl and volume for a tenner and a bit.  It's got this tapered silicon brush that's so easy to use.

Master Precise Liquid Liner  is currently $7.98 AUD - that's practically the kind of price you'd find on US websites!!  It's a very fine tipped liquid liner that's been helping me nail winged eyeliner.  Apparently, all the eyeliner gurus on YouTube are united in their recommendation that you don't just sweep eyeliner across your eyelid and hope it all works on the outward flick. You need to trace out your eyeliner and then colour it with a fine felt tip like this.  The ladies of YouTube do not lie here and their secret has been a game changer for me.

It's been years since Lauren Conrad first rocked reality television with her black liquid eyeliner but it's a look that will never get old for me.  Could be scary when I hit fifty but let's not think that far ahead...

Last find for the season is the Gel Pot Eyeliner ($8.48 AUD at the moment).  Remember Bobbi Brown's gel liners?  Maybelline's version is formidable competition.  It's only available in Blackest Black but long term LC fan that I am, that's really the only shade I need.  The pot comes with a mini eyeliner brush that I have stashed away with my travel things.  Ironically, I'm using Bobbi's full sized eyeliner brush with it instead.

I find Maybelline's formula very easy to work with.  It's easy to control the amount of product on your brush tip and it glides along (primed) eyelids easily without skipping.  It stays the day and is a beautifully rich, glossy black.

Do you cross over to the dark side the moment it hits June?

What are some of your current favourite winter wardrobe or makeup finds?


  1. I find that once I pull my boots out, theres no going back. I won't even consider flats and sneakers till Spring :S

  2. I'm all about the gloves right now. Inside the house as well! :)

  3. I just got a new coat but it's burgundy...I do black all year round.

  4. I'm the opposite! I go brighter in winter :)

  5. Yes I wear a lot of black and grey in Winter, but like a few colour accents like red or mulberry. I know what you mean when you say that we Aussies consider 12 degrees cold. Friends from other parts of Australia and overseas think we're soft! #TeamLovinLife

  6. I need a good cross the shoulder bag SSG so will check out your suggestion. I'm also checking out your cardigan I really need a black one for winter. I hope you haven't been affected by the lashing rain Sydney has just had this week.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  7. I've just hit 50 & still rock the liquid liner for nights out - long may my hand remain steady. Love that bag...& love the camellia even more! #TeamLovinLife

  8. I used to LIVE in black in my previous life but when I made my seachange I decided I'd add colour to my wardrobe. I didn't really notice I had until I went to Melbourne in February and noticed how many people wore black there and I was reminded of my 'old' life.

    I need a winter bag. I had a (thwarted) work trip today and had to dig out an old briefcase which felt a bit OTT!

  9. I need a new little work handbag but I feel gucci might get stained with the alcowipes I sometimes wipe on the bag....germs and all.

  10. That silk Camelia twisted up video has me enthralled. My black workhorse handbag would love that I think! Also thanks for the heads up on the Maybelline mascara. I'm always looking for a good mascara and am still to find one I would rave about. I might give this one a try! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  11. Ah thank you so much for that video! I can't believe it makes the flower look so easy - I'm going to have to dig out my twillies and give this a go! Looking at the video I think I might not have been twisting it tightly enough all the other times I tried it - will retry soon and let you know how I go! :)

    And I just can't master eyeliner, as hard as I try!

  12. Black becomes my base colour for winter - I like to add a pop of colour or it drags me down too much. I'm 55 and still rock a bit of black eyeliner now and then so you'll still be good to do it too when you hit 50 :)

  13. Huh! "How to Hermes your bag". Better show that to the model daughter.


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