Jun 13, 2017

Snapshots From A Suburban Winter.

When compared to winters on a farm, by the beach or nestled in the forest or mountain ranges, suburban winters do tend to come off a distant second best.  The natural landmarks that set off winter to its best advantage elsewhere tend to be obscured or erased (as the case may be) by the man made - roads, signage, high rises and houses, shopping centres, official buildings, monuments and vehicles.  So what you're mostly left with in a suburban winter is a kind of everything as usual only wetter, greyer and colder than they are at other times of the year.

Winter in the suburbs is dark commutes sign posted by the glow of brake lights and being deliriously grateful when that snaking line of lights is actually moving.  It's checking the weather on your phone to plan whether or not your laundry needs to be tumble or line dried.  It's trying to remember your umbrella every time you step out the door.  It's trying to believe that 'summer bodies are made in the winter' as you debate whether or not to go for that run in the morning or that second wedge of home made cake.

But winter in the suburbs also has its little moments.  Less spectacular ones than seeing the mist roll over mountains or the crashing grey choppiness of the ocean against a bleached blonde, deserted beach but moments all the same.

That patch of blue sky beyond the almost bare branches of the tree that arches over your house.

The typical Sydney queuing and Instagramming of the cafe opening of the season.  The Grounds of the City has officially opened in The Galeries.  I have responded to this by showing my age and stage in life by Instagramming but not queuing.  Who am I kidding?  I'll be there the next mid week afternoon I have off...

The harder it rains and the colder it is outside, the more tempting a dip in a warm, steamy indoor pool is.  

Preschooler SSG got his last Yellow Tails ribbon after his swim this week.  He's now officially an Orange Tail.

And I Pond's Cold Cream Cleansed after mine. If your skin tends to get dry and tight in this weather (with or without the swim), this cleanser might be your thing.  It's around $7 and while it has a slight retro floral scent, it doesn't sting my skin or leave it tight.

This winter, we've discovered board games here at SSG Manor 2.0.  Monopoly Junior has been a surprise hit.  I found the rules and board layout were easy enough for Preschooler SSG to get the hang of and the only unit of currency is $1 bills.  The Chance cards do need a bit of explaining to younger preschoolers though.  Also, be prepared for lots of exasperated 'But I don't have any money left, mummy!!' comments.  Complete with exasperated 'empty hands up' signs.

Have you tried to find a Snakes and Ladders set recently?  It's harder than it sounds.  I tried a couple of speciality toy stores before hitting pay dirt at Kmart today.  This set was only $5.

My mention of this Magic Tracks set on Instagram sparked a lot of interest so I will definitely report back with a full review.  Another KMart find ($20 for the track and one battery operated car that runs at a decent speed with lots of flashing lights), my reasons for purchasing were purely selfish.  I have high hopes that the collective glow in the dark of all 11 feet of speedway track will help me see any stray toy cars on the floor at night.  Before I trip on them.  Cross everything for me, readers.

I know.  Ending the post on a photographic high, aren't I?  Did you now that tumble drying puffer vests with a tennis ball in the drier helps return the puff to your puffer?  I still have to perfect my technique.  I used the tennis ball on the puffer clothing setting on my drier and the cycle only went for 3 minutes after which the vest was neither dry or puffy.  Any tips for a young player?


  1. I freaking love Kmart. It is the very definition of cheap and cheerful.

  2. I've read that tennis balls have the same effect with pillows too. Our dryer doesn't have a section for puffer jackets though. Try the delicate cycle, possibly?


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