Jun 30, 2017

Winter Days. A 'Bad Moms' Update.

When you reach that point in winter where the afternoon skies are a clear and piercing blue that matches the coldness in the air,

you know that it's officially the start of black puffer season in the 'hood.

There were rumblings on the streets before but by Thursday, it was black puffer vests and jackets for every man, woman, child and dog I met.

In other wardrobe news, look what I unearthed from the archives?  My unworn Marni + H&M spot jacket from my trip to London way back in ... 2012.

London, I know you get colder than a Sydney winter but gee, I do miss you.  I hope we meet again soon.

I'm going to casual Friday it down tomorrow with this pair of mid-grey skinnies.

Cold as it is right now, I've been nothing but productive.  I checked the pressures in all four of my tyres at the servo this week.

And I 'California rolled' my freshly laundered doona cover back over my doona.

I saw the technique first on Facebook in one of those snazzy life hack video clips I've been saving like they're going out of fashion.  Anyway, long story short, I had to google the precise technique to refresh my memory whilst I was bent precariously over my doona.  Here's the video for your reference.

Does winter make you start thinking about dinner around 3pm before eating it at 5?  Guilty as charged.

Before I go, have you heard who we will be celebrating Christmas with this year?

The Bad Moms!!!!!!  The official release for 'A Bad Mom's Christmas' is November 7 2017.  

Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh I haven't seen Bad Moms yet so I better find out if it's on netflix before the sequel comes out!

    While it's still cold here in the mornings it's still lovely during the day - I know that's changing soon as it's due to get even colder this weekend. Will be nice to rug up a little more!

  2. I hope you meet London soon too. I've got to watch that duvet film but at the moment we're not using them.

  3. I love this one jacket that looks lovely. What is its cost in GBP and it is available to buy online?

  4. RWA to see Bad Mums 2. Do release dates in Aust vary from USA release dates?
    Not one black puffer spotted in the old hood last week, but could be premature view. School hols on for all schools now, so imagine overload of black puffers. Den xx


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