Jul 4, 2017

A Getting Things Done Tuesday.

I'm writing to you today on a 'Getting Stuff Done' Tuesday.  It started off pretty nippy this morning but the sun is out, the skies are clear and I've actually felt the sun herself on my hands as I've driven about today.  In an ideal world it would have been sun up to my bare forearms as well but it's cold enough to require arms to be covered by either a knit or puffer jacket when one is outdoors.

Today began as Tuesdays usually do for me: on the treadmill after preschool drop off.  I was sorely tempted to just detour back home and park myself under my doona for a little while longer but a post gym reward coffee from Luxe is a motivator that's hard to resist.  

There was then a list of things that had to be bought at Target for Preschooler SSG.  It was just as well the carpark was so thoughtfully signposted to direct me back to the sensibly priced shopping area of Westfield after I dropped his stuff back at the car because I was this close to popping into Gucci.  Just to window shop, mind you.

The Duchess of Cambridge was at the newly renovated V&A earlier this week, you see.  And she was wearing Gucci.  

This Gucci.  A tweed dress with some pretty fabulous detailing.

I never did make it to Gucci (I suspect the dress will already be sold out or else was a one off exclusive run up just for Kate) because COS were having a serious sale where I managed to pick up a very Marimekko print relaxed shift dress for 30% off and a half priced asymmetrical hemmed black dress that had a dramatic line and shape to it.

I also had a gift to buy for a workmate who's off on maternity leave soon.  This will not be her first child so I thought the perfect gift would be something she might enjoy just for herself in one of those rare quiet moments when all the children might be asleep or content in their own company.

Before I go, some updates on things from recent posts.

The Vegetarian Grain Bowls get two thumbs up from me.  I added some rotisserie chicken quinoa bowl with soy maple dressing but it was so filling that the extra protein was unnecessary.  The version with a yoghurt and coriander dressing was just as delicious but with a smokier flavour.  The pair of recipes are a nice contrast to each other if you find yourself unable to face the idea of eating the same thing for lunch two days in a row at work.

In the world of name stamp clothes labelling, things I've stamped have been washed and tumble dried around five times a piece (already..) and their stamps are still very clear with no fading.  I've heard that you can expect a stamp life of at least 4 months or so from reliable fellow mum sources.


  1. Funny as I thought I had it made when iron on name tags arrived when mine were young. Before then it was sew on.

  2. A very productive Tuesday! :) I love the print of that dress too, always nice when there's a sale on (even if it's not Gucci!).

    Away From The Blue Blog


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