Jul 14, 2017

Before We Hit the Road.

If all goes to plan, we'll be on the road to Jindabyne by the time this post goes live.  Preparation for our two-night stay has been brief but focussed.  I've tried to pack as light as I can but needing to be warmly dressed for the snow is thwarting my noble intentions.

Preschooler SSG has personally selected the most snowman nose looking carrot from this range in the fruit and veg section at Woolies.

I have a batch of zucchini (or zukakini as Preschooler SSG is wont to call them) choc chip muffins baked and packed up for our road trip.

Mother nature and the science of baking is a wonderful thing.  The grated zucchini is barely visible in the baked muffin and adds wonderful texture to the rich chocolatey taste of the muffins.

The adults of the group have resigned themselves to the fact that many, many snacks will need to be offered on the five hour drive and while sugar or salt coated fakery are often the best bribes sources of nutrition - a home baked good containing hidden vegetables will help us delude ourselves that a balanced meal happened in the car on the way to the snow.

Speaking of balanced meals.   Which we were but this really has nothing to do with them at all.  But such is the structure of a pre-getaway blog post.  Mr Murphy was the source of what the grown ups will be drinking to celebrate our safe arrival to our accommodation. 

I'm looking forward to a few days off from my 'polished and professional... if you take a few steps back and not see that trail of sprinkles and butter travelling up one blazer sleeve' work wardrobe as I spend the next few days in my Aldi thermals and ski wear warehouse waterproof trousers.

If you were in the market for nicely priced snow gear but always miss the infamous Aldi special buys then Mountain Warehouse is worth a look.  They are based in the UK but have a site priced in Australian dollars with free standard shipping on orders over $140.

Preschooler SSG's snow boots were $20 and mine were $90.  For our purposes (one off wear) they were great buys.  

As usual, there was a fair bit of procrasti-packing.  I always find so many things to do as I pack.  Yesterday's sudden obsession was to hand write a recipe from my laptop because my printer is dead and I wanted to bake that particular recipe for morning tea at work next week.  It's another chocolate and zucchini recipe and I am planning to negate any nutritional benefit of baking with a vegetable by going hard on the frosting and chocolate garnishes.

That's it from me for now.  Looking forward to catching up next week.  Hopefully recharged and refreshed from being out in the snow and under that Jindabyne winter sun.

Be well.


  1. I was just chatting with the ladies at playgroup the other day about taking the kids to the snow - I'd love to do it (we had a little fake snow area setup in the city for school holidays) but I'm waiting for Baby Boy to get better and we will try do it then. I look forward to reading about your trip when you get back, have a great time! :)

  2. The best thing that I can see in your post, is the food that you had. It looks much delicious to eat.


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