Jul 21, 2017

Friday Drinks #14: Recipe Feedback. Thank You.

It really was only last weekend that I was standing on the balcony of an Alpine chic serviced apartment with a sensible pour of Moet with strawberries taking in this view of Lake Jindabyne.

In hindsight, I should've had the drink after attempting to operate that work of the devil that is a combined washer / dryer.

But all's well that end well.  After a few false starts involving a couple of extra wash cycles, I finally got my clothes washed and dried.

In a more successful collaboration between glassware and technology, may I present one of life's simple pleasures?  A spotless upcycled Bonne Maman glass jam jar fresh out of the dishwasher.  The label even managed to come of perfectly and in one piece.  They're my favourite glass jars to repurpose.  The wide necks make it easy to pour things in, perfect for making salad dressings.  The red checked lids are pretty spesh as well.  So's the jam...

Reporting back on Sally's Chocolate Zucchini Cake.  My goodness this cake is a winner.  Sorry about the TMI photo of my plate from after I ate a wedge for dinner (the zucchini justified this decision completely) but you must make this cake and frost it plus excessively adorn it with chopped chocolate chips and a dusting of chocolate sprinkles.

The cake itself bakes to a very dark, rich yet light texture.  It's seriously cafe / patisserie level perfection.  Not terribly sweet on its own, a rich chocolate buttercream frosting is the perfect match for the cake.  Everyone at work loved it, my work mate wanted the recipe (high praise indeed as she makes a mean cake herself) and Preschooler SSG thoroughly enjoyed his share too.  

I hope zucchinis will be around for Christmas because I intend to bake this for our family lunch and my breakfast the next day (after I've done my traditional SSG Manor 2.0 to Rushcutters to Bake Bar for coffee quarter marathon of course).

In a marginally less decadent fashion, this is a lovely baked salmon recipe you may want to add to your work night dinner rotation.  Inspired Taste have created this recipe for sour cream baked salmon.

Here's a screen shot of the ingredients...

I added some chopped dill I had in the freezer.  The recipe is great for the weeks where I've been baking with sour cream as it uses up the rest of the tubs I buy and would otherwise waste.

Can't wait for the weekend.  My uni besties and I are having dinner on the Sunday.  One is flying in from interstate and a couple are gamely crossing bridges and accessing tunnels to visit the 'hood.  We're having Japanese which will be excellent but it's a shame that China Diner won't be open for them.  Next time....

Wishing you a lovely weekend and the anticipation of a great week thereafter.

Before I go, I just wanted to extend a long overdue thank you for all the lovely comments you've written here, on social media and via email.  Life's so busy and I don't always get to reply to all your comments directly.  It's always wonderful to read your feedback especially that you find yourselves able to connect or relate to the things I write about.  It makes me smile and it keeps SSG going.

Be well.


  1. Enjoy the weekend with your friends SSG! It sounds like it will be wonderful :)

    I know how much of a struggle it is with blogging and work and mothering, so don't feel bad about not always responding. Life gets busy sometimes, and blogging always comes last in the priorities :)


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