Jul 11, 2017

In the Immortal Words of Nike.

With the way the weather's been lately, I really haven't been left with much choice but to get out there in those immortal words of Nike and 'Just do it.'.  Clear blue skies, just the gentlest of breezes every now and then and the mere hint of a chill to the air that's perfectly tolerable whilst wearing a puffer jacket and scarf - it's currently that phase of a Sydney winter where it would be criminal not to be out there amongst it all.

The Nike swoosh and philosophy as reimagined for the Inner West.

I've been friends with some lovely ladies on Twitter for what seems like forever.  We've been there at the end of a 140 character tweet for each other since what feels like the beginning of time.  Struggles with the discomfort of the late stages of pregnancy? Ask Twitter.  Feeling a bit out of my depth and sleep deprived with a newborn?  A virtual hug and 'been there, done that' advice from Twitter.  Random life experiences or thoughts?  A reply tweet from one of these ladies who got where I was trying to go with the tweet version.   We've been there to like each other's tweets, find the humour via emoji in our retweets, agreed to politely disagree and also to give each other things to consider from our varied world views and life experiences.

The planets aligned and we finally got to catch up for lunch on Sunday at The Stinking Bishops, a gem of a cheese bar on Enmore Road in Newtown.

'The Stinking Bishops' is a cosy little space where the staff are lovely, the wine excellent and the cheese and meats Perfection with a capital 'P'.

There's something about sunny winter Sundays that just say wine, cheese and cured meats for lunch with bonus excellent conversation.

We had a fabulous white wine that could possibly have been a pinot grigio.  That's all academic really because we all loved whatever it was and it went perfectly with our cheeses and meats.  It was smooth, it was complex yet subtle.  It was just the thing to be sipping in the company of good friends.

Preschooler SSG gave the 'French Onion' Mac'n' Cheese two thumbs up.

And then we were off up the road to Hakiki, a Turkish ice cream store that makes the best strawberry and rosewater ice cream.  It has a lovely, dense texture that's different to ice cream made from dairy.

In the spirit of just doing it, I found myself doing a surprise 5am declutter of my wardrobe on Monday.

The rail holding a mish-mash of jackets and dresses collapsed in the middle of the night and I had no choice but to deal with it all right away if I wanted to get to the bathroom.  There's nothing like needing the bathroom early on a winter's morning to make you declutter with purpose.  I culled three garbage bags full of things on the spot and now have visible space between hangers in my wardrobe as well as a better idea of what I already own and hence do not need to shop for again.  I'm feeling a disproportionate sense of achievement at achieving those centimetres of visible wardrobe rail.

Have you tried L'Oreal's Magic Retouch ($13.69 AUD at Chemist Warehouse) spray?  You quite possibly haven't because you're probably more diligent than I am when it comes to keeping appointments with your hairdresser.  It's been one thing after another over the last month around here.  So I'm around six weeks late for today's cut, colour and blow-dry.  Fortunately, my hairdresser hasn't broken up with me and even more fortunately, Magic Retouch has been doing a miraculous job of hiding my good 4 centimetres of regrowth/grey.  It's easy to apply and only comes off with washing. 

Also on my shelf of shame .. a tube of Benzac. 10%, no less. Because you're sadly never too old for a massive pimple or two. They're such a good look with my 'laugh lines'. 

It's only two days until we head for The Snow.  Just as well I went to Aldi today, then.  I am all thermal-ed up for Friday.

What's on your shelf of shame?

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  1. I see there that you have Benzac AC.
    I, too, like to live dangerously.
    10% eh?


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