Jul 24, 2017

Life This Week 24/7/2017: Can't Live Without....

Clocks.  I know.  How exciting.  How fun.  How life affirming.  How profound (actually, they can be just not in the way I can't live without them).  

How ... practical and highly scheduled.

One of those peculiar joys in my life is getting a new desk clock.  Which happens more often than you'd think because while I love clocks and spendy things, I tend to buy cheap clocks.  This is the latest addition to the family.  It was around $9 at MINISO and there's so much to love.  It's pink.  It's digital.  It's got huge numbers in 24 hour time.  It tells the date and the day.  It's even got a thermometer.  Plus it's got a special party trick.  If you lightly tap the top, a sensor makes the whole clock face backlight itself.

I just love that feeling of looking up in whatever work space I may be in (whether it be my desk at home or the neater, less cluttered one at work) and being able to see the time.  Sure, I've got a watch and an iPhone but it's not just the same as looking at an actual clock.  Knowing and seeing the time tells me whether I need to speed things up or not, whether things are going to that all important SSG internal timeline and schedule, how long 'til X/Y/Z.... 

My clocks are also very soothing.  If I'm having a lie in or having some sofa time, looking across for the time seems like such a languid thing to do.  Yeah, I know.  You might have to think that one over in the shower later to try and get it to make sense.

I also like to look out for bigger and more stately clocks when I'm out and about.  I get a bit edgy when I've been walking around for a bit and haven't laid eyes on some kind of time keeping device.

How do you feel about clocks?  Have you ever really thought that hard about it?  Understand completely if you haven't.


  1. I like wearing a watch and don't like relying on my phone for the time.

  2. We don't even have a clock in our house! I'm so used to just using my iPhone to tell the time. I love your cute little clocks though :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. Sometimes I try not to even look at the clock and these days we have our smart phones to tell us the time. I do love clocks though and the different designs.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  4. I do like clocks - but I don't have the kind of clocks that I really like. What's with that? I really need to get myself some clocks that I like. I have found I no longer wear my watch since my phone tells me the time. Bit sad that especially since it's a really nice watch. Need to sort myself out! :-)

  5. Wow. All these are perfect time clocks especially to use for these to wake up early in the morning. Thanks for sharing these.
    Emma Charlotte | TheAcademicPapers.co.uk

  6. I need more analogue clocks in my life. Both my fitbit and my phone ran out of charge while we were camping and I was a bit lost...

  7. Thank you so much for linking up for #lifethisweek 28/52. As it is my first week back since major surgery and I am very much in recuperative mode, I am leaving this general comment on your blog this week. Many thanks for your support of my blog and my recovery, Denyse x
    Next Week's Prompt: Winter.


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