Jul 27, 2017

Lovin' LIfe 27/7/2017: Cooking With Coles.

Today's love is a simple one.

The July 2017 edition of Coles' in store magazine.  It's got Curtis Stone on the cover and the promise of sub $10 meals for the family inside.  So many of the recipes look both doable and delicious.  Instagram also agrees with quite a few of my friends already raving about things they've made from the issue.

I've just made Curtis' Nan's cottage pie recipe with a bit of a 2017 refresh... namely a  fifty split of potato and cauliflower for the mashed topping.

Looks just like the full potato version but with a more complex taste.  I love the taste of cauliflower for some strange reason...

I used twice the amount of mince as was specified in the recipe (a kilo versus 500 grams).  It was a mix of premium and heart smart mince.  Which has pretty much blown the $10 budget right there.  Since when did mince get so expensive?  It ended up costing $15 for the meat alone.

But back to the cottage pie.  I just had to put cheese on top of that super healthy mash, didn't I?  Wasn't called for in the recipe and we're already way over budget anyway...  

Voila!  This is my baked cottage pie.  Oh, I do love that Le Creuest square baker.  It's the perfect size for this recipe.

Curtis' nan's recipe gets two thumbs up from Preschooler SSG and I.  It's a simple yet tasty version of cottage pie that's not bland at all.  I did add a splash or two of Worcesteshire sauce to the mince and used a sachet of pizza sauce instead of plain tomato paste.  And Nan Curtis definitely got it right by adding butter and full fat milk to the mash.

Have you made anything from the $10 meal issue of Coles' magazine?  Hit or miss?  Any keepers you'd like to share?

Do you do sneaky things like hide cauliflower in your mashed potato?   Your secret is safe on the blog.


  1. I must get myself to Coles. I always find these $10 meals a fun challenge! #TeamLovinLife

  2. YUM - I love cottage pie or shepherds pie! Also love Curtis Stones food. I ate as his 'SHARE' restaurant on the Sun Princess cruise ship and what a culinary experience that was! So delicious! :-) #TeamLovinLife

  3. Jamie Oliver did a meal with mashed broccoli and potato that I would like to try. :) I do make a large cottage pie every couple of weeks at the moment with one serve each for dinner and enough serves left for The Other Half to have lunches for 4 days. I am not sure he would be a fan of the Cauliflower mixed with potato but if I can hide it in there I will give it a try. :)

    I broke up with Woolworths in August 2015 and I am very close to doing the same with Coles as they keep removing the things I want to buy from their shelves. Many weeks now the only things I buy there is Don ham and Manning Valley eggs.

    I think they have the idea of why many of us go there in the first place all wrong. No, we do not want your down down made in China version of our favourite brands, Coles. We want our favourite brands!

    When I was at Costco recently I bought eye fillet steak at 13.99 a kilo, at that price I might just turn that into mince myself. :) I also bought a lot of the things I would usually get at Coles, so hopefully it will be eggs and ham only for a while.

  4. No I haven't but I probably should check it out. I love cottage pie too and I love the idea of having mashed cauliflower instead of potato. But like you I would have to put grated cheese on top! #TeamLovinLife

  5. I have a complete inability to follow a recipe, though I did come up with a new potato bake idea I want to try when I've next done the grocery shopping...

  6. I was actually looking at the recent Coles magazine at my mum's and eyeing off some winter recipes.

    I've tried mashed cauliflower though and it was nothing like mashed potato and made me gag a little. (The fact I don't eat cauliflower probably was a contributing factor!) #teamlovinlife

  7. I can't say I have ... meat is expensive, even mince! If I can do a meal for 4 adults with the meat portion under $10 I feel I'm doing extremely well. This generally means mince, chicken drumsticks, or chicken fillets ... everything else is so pricey. But sometimes you just gotta have a steak, y'know?!

  8. I haven't tried this recipe yet, but I've seen the magazine. Thanks for the update on how it turns out. Always good to know it tastes good before you invest in all the ingredients! #bonapetit #TeamLovinLife

  9. Oh wow that looks good and I love those Coles and Woolies magazines. Firstly, they are free and secondly they have some great recipes. YUM! #TeamLovinLife

  10. That looks good! My boys (aka husb and son) would love that. I like the idea of the cauli in the mash. Making my tummy rumble. I think I'll need to tag this


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