Jul 7, 2017

Quiet and Uneventful Times. 'Life At ...'

The times are quiet and uneventful at SSG Manor 2.0 right now.  Mount Washmore has been conquered, the floorboards are free of dirt and grime (from standing height, at least) and I've gone so far as to hang tomorrow's outfit up on the wardrobe door.  Just hope I don't change my mind and whom I'm chanelling at the last minute in the morning.

A batch of pea and ham soup has been made with two cups of frozen peas added in at the end for extra greenness.  One of the best things about winter evenings is coming home to a large bowl of homemade soup with buttered toast.

The supplies of coriander at my local Woolworths are critically low right now.  This was the last bunch I on display when I hit the supermarket at 8am Thursday.  Perhaps the abundant roots were a gift to make up for the relatively sparse greenery up top.  I've placed the roots in a cup of water and am hoping to get at least a half bunch worth of growth.  Wonder how long I'll have to wait?

I've discovered the secret to maintaining super white sneakers 24/7.  These Magic Eraser sponges are meant for walls and other household surfaces but they also work a treat on sneaker scuffs.  Both of the leather and the rubber soles.  This size retails for under $4.

Is your household in love with mac'n'cheese?  I suspect it's the idea and the colour that's captured Preschooler SSG's heart more than the taste.  However.  I found this alternative to the fluro yellow Kraft stuff.  It's pretty easy to whip up and takes around 10 minutes to cook.

I added some carrots, spinach and leftover rotisserie chicken.  Guilt about packaged meals for dinner be gone.

Vanilla extract just got a bit fancy in my kitchen.  Apparently, it's been 120 years since Queen first delivered vanilla extract to the kitchens of Australia and this is the way the anniversary has been observed.  They had me at the label.

It's going to be a Saturday afternoon in at our place this weekend.  The cheeseboard has been planned and purchased and the beverages are already in the fridge.  Can't wait.

You'll never guess what I found on Netflix.  The 'Life At.. ' series.  The series began before I became a parent and while I did enjoy watching the progress of the children and their families as they grew up even then, becoming a parent has seen me appreciate the series on a different level.  I've been able to empathise more with all the parents rather than just relating here and there to selected parts of some of their life experiences or personality traits.

Have you been following the 'Life At.... ' series yourself?

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  1. I'll need to check that 'life at' series out on netflix! I'm still waiting for things to settle down after the return to work and to feel like I have more time back - getting back time for netflix is one of the things I'm looking forward to :)


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