Jul 10, 2017

School Holiday Weekends.

School holiday weekends.  They seem to come around just when you need them the most - even if your child(ren) aren't quite school aged.

They're a break from the weekend rush to get to wake everyone up, get in that first coffee of the day, then to brave the weekend morning peak hour to swimming or sport before doing the groceries and then, finally spending what's left doing what weekends are meant to be for.

School holiday weekends are about none of that.  As a parent, they're kind of like reliving your own school holidays only with a bit more freedom (and a lot more responsibility).

I woke up on Saturday and decided that I wanted to bake something with lots of Callebaut chocolate chips.  So I did.

The result was this Coconut Choc Chip Cake.  It looks and tastes rather decadent but somehow because it contains desiccated coconut and choc chips, it made perfect sense to have some for breakfast and morning tea on Sunday as well.  Be warned, though, that the chopped chocolate chip decorations tend to disappear rather suspiciously when the cake is left in close proximity to preschoolers without close adult supervision.  I've noticed a few fingerprints in the icing as well....

We had some friends over for lunch and other things. 

All ages and tastes were well catered for.

Courtesy of SSG Manor 2.0's official caterer, Woolworths.

There were almost too many choices snack wise in the chip aisle at Woolies.

It didn't help that I got a bit distracted by the old school hard lollie range while we were meant to be choosing 'party chips'.

I'm bringing these barley sugars into work to help everyone get over the halfway mark hypos.  They're always particularly severe on Mondays.

There's been all sorts of meal prep this weekend as well. I've got a few serves of fried rice up my sleeve in the freezer and the week's work lunches have all been sorted too.

How do you like to spend school holiday weekends?


  1. I really need to snag myself an invite to SSG Manor 2.0 for a feed and a bit of that cake kthxbai

  2. We aren't able to enjoy the unique weekend that is the school holiday weekend quite yet as swimming and all the other activities go on as usual in the breaks here. I'm sure it will feel different in a couple years - they just grow up so fast!


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