Jul 25, 2017

Tuesday. And That's A No to 'No Sugar'.

Keeping it real world today.

Beginning with this flat lay of real world mum life.  A stack of freebie magazines from the supermarket, laminated tear outs from said magazines, this morning's at home yoga sequence, stationery and a couple of Paw Patrol pups.  Speaking of whom, what's the low down on those pups?  Why do preschoolers love them so?  I've overheard a few Paw Patrol episodes but I still don't know what their game is.

That raw torn edge is really growing on me.  It's almost art.  I love my laminator.  I'm making Curtis Stone's nan's cottage pie recipe from this page for dinner tonight.  So many disparate sentences in the one paragraph.  It's obviously a day off Tuesday after a very long Monday.

Revisiting the weekend.  How glorious was Sunday?  It felt like a preview of summer sitting out in the sun at Circular Quay.  I've been peering at the mirror ever since to see if I'd managed to get a starter tan from the weekend.

People tell me not to get my hopes us just yet.  That August will bring with it not just my birthday and a visit from mum but also a bout of miserable weather to remind me that winter always has the last word.  But for now, I'm just enjoying the sun on face value.

After a 'picnic' lunch while waiting for the ferry, we finally made it to the zoo.

Where we saw and did many things.  Unfortunately not really animal related.  

I folded and tried No Sugar while we were there.  No.  Just no.  It tastes like the evil spawn of full fat Pepsi and Coke.  I think I might just have to drink more water and less sugar free chemical cocktails.

What's your stance on No Sugar Coke.  Have you heard the rumour that Woolworths will defiantly continue to sell Coke Zero?


  1. You're such a good mum doing all those activities. I'm not a coke drinker fullstop. Miss 22 tells me it's the carbonation that does harm as well even in fizzy water.

  2. I try not to drink anything nonsugar wise when it comes to Coke. If I am going to drink Coke, I will drink the traditional one. I'm not crazy about diet drinks (I will drink a diet Dr. Pepper because 1) It taste close to the regular one and 2) The other diet drinks leave a nasty after taste-which diet Dr. Pepper doesn't). I limit myself one real Coke two or three times a week. In my defense that is good for me considering I would drink two or three a day. Your winters look like what we experience here in Savannah, Georgia. We have our really cold days, but there are moments our winters feel like summers (getting to the mid to high 80's Fahrenheit). It doesn't get cold enough to snow here. The last time it really snowed, it was Christmas break 1989 and I was 14 years old. It only lasted about three or four days.


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