Jul 18, 2017


I was tempted.  Very tempted.

A day napping under a favourite blankie with the winter sun filtering in through the shutters waiting for Preschooler SSG to get home from preschool.  But I'm back at work tomorrow and things had to get done.

I had a minor win at the pool this morning.  My shoulders and neck survived 40 minutes of swimming at a very relaxed pace as the pool nannas strode the length of the pool with purpose as they chatted away.  I am a nanna at heart, aren't I?  That's my black puffer jacket hanging up in the change room alongside the ladies' collection of puffer in sensible, sturdy go with everything colours.

Then there was a cake to be baked for tomorrow's morning tea.  I busted out my anniversary bottle of Queen's vanilla essence for the occasion as well as a specially bought tin of non Dutch Processed cocoa because that's what Sally said to do.

I found the Master Blend vanilla extract less viscous than its every day, work horse cousin.

Today's recipe was Sally's Chocolate Zucchini Cake for which I used my Odd Bunch bag of zucchinis.

They really are in there ... somewhere.  I'll let you know what the team at work think.  I think they'll all be so grateful at the thoughtful addition of hidden vegetables to their chocolate cake.  More so than your average preschooler, truth be told.

I'm all good for a while in the Korean seasoned seaweed stakes thanks to the Asian grocer at Top Ryde.  Wish Bondi Junction's Westfield had something similar.  While a girl has got to have all the labels and great parking just up the road, she's also got to eat.  I use this seaweed in my brown rice sushi bowls.  Mainly because it tastes great but also because I'm too lazy to roast and prep the more culturally appropriate nori sheets myself.

For a woman who loves a Coke Zero every once in a while, the idea of these diet noodles leave me cold.  Probably because there isn't a Mi Goreng flavour.

And that's about it from me for today.  I'm eagerly awaiting a call back from my work IT help desk.  I'm attempting to install a key that will enable to me access work stuff from home and it's not working.  Despite that mug of coffee and my last, treasured bottle of Coke Zero.  I've heard rumours that you need a really, really old version of Windows to get it work laptop wise and an early series iPhone if you want more mobile access.  Neither of which I can readily get my hands on right now.

Oh well.


  1. It really is a time of the year for lying around in the sun (if you can swing it) and definitely for chocolate cake ;-)

  2. Good luck with all the technology stuff! It's frustrating when it breaks. Took me a couple hours to get setup on the system when I returned to work,a dn then it all started breaking again. Still some things not working right and I've been back a couple weeks now...frustrating!

  3. It seems that everyone State side is not happy with Coke phasing out Coke Zero and replacing it with a sugar free version. I'm not a fan of Coke Zero (it has a lingering after taste the few times I have drank it). If I do drink a diet soda it's Dr. Pepper's version. It taste a lot like the original without all the extra stuff.


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