Aug 5, 2017

The Bay and Surrounds.

Hurry up, spring.

The trees that line my street are starting to lose their bare branched look and the soft pinks and purples of spring are beginning to appear in their flowers.  

The sudden appearance of all this colour and light has made me as excited for spring as I am for Christmas (a mere 142 days away according to the counter I created on August 1).  I've been poking around in my wardrobe for my favourite summer handbags and contemplating if I should add anything to the collection.  I mean, I could but should  I?  Why do I even ask myself these rhetorical questions?

Preschooler SSG contributed this photograph to my Instagram feed today.  He took the photo because he thought this was a particularly beautiful tree trunk.  Not just visually but structurally.  He stepped off his scooter to see if he could walk balance beam style along its roots.

In other news from the 'hood and surrounds...

Our local go to destination for coffee, babycinos and brunch has joined the fight against disposable coffee cup landfill in suitably chic style.  The cups are made by Bondi company SoL from handblown glass.  Only problem is I bought the 8 oz size.  There must be a 12 oz size as well, surely?  The 8 is more of a lunchtime or mid afternoon sized coffee, in my humble opinion.  You need at least a 12 to start the day.

Beneath all the wonderfully contradictory and fascinating layers of The Bay beats a heart of kindness and community.  Often from the least likely people and in the most unexpected situations (of which there are many if you are in the company of at least one child in a public space).  The latest example I've found has been the paying it forward of parking rebate bar codes. Basically, if you redeem your parking ticket and don't need to pay, you then tear off the parking bar code (the top one above the millions of shopping discount ones on your receipt) and secure it behind the parking swipe card reader.  The bar code I contributed is the one that's less precisely torn ... naturally.

Iyengar yoga classes have commenced a mere five minutes from home and a time I could possibly make.  It's a sign.

David Jones re-opened its basement food court at the local Westfield during the week.

I usually only visit department store food halls when I'm overseas but I'm making an exception for you, David Jones and your soft drink fridge loaded with Coke Zero.

There were lots of fascinating things to look at from shelves of bottled waters of the world,

to bowls of jewel like glace cherries,

a wall of artistically arranged teas from the likes of Fortnum & Mason and XO,

gold flecked honey

and a meat ageing room complete with an amber toned wall of salt bricks.

There were things to count

and decisions to be made.

Lots of decisions.

Might just do all my Christmas shopping at DJs this year and tack on a seafood based lunch.

There was a refreshingly normal selection of breakfast cereals

and a tempting display of fruit to end our quick tour of the food hall.

Do you buy much from the food halls of your local department stores?

Do you enjoy visiting them only when overseas?

In a less challenging question, how are you loving this weather in Sydney?

Be well.


  1. You should always buy another bag! Or I think so anyway, ha! My first purchase after all those months of no shopping is of course a bag!

    I'm not actually sure if there is a food court in any of our David Jones or Myers, nothing I've seen anyway but I wasn't exactly looking! Probably is in one of the levels of the city ones.


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