Aug 3, 2017

Friday Drinks #15: Exciting Times. Not Really, But Anyway.

Exciting times have descended upon SSG Manor once more.

The dinner that cleared the fridge at SSG Manor 2.0 Wednesday night.

The kitchen bench hosted an interesting midweek dinner featuring leftover baked salmon, chopped celery and the last almost limp leaves of a large bag of spinach.  All served on a few toasted slices of that almost immortal bread they sell at supermarkets these days.  With a squirt of Heinz ketchup and lashings of Lurpak which elevated everything to a sum that was more than its parts.  Nothing like mauling a concept of holism in the quest for a few punchy lines for the blog.

Moving right along.

It's been a wet, gloomy start to August.  After all that sun at the weekend and it being my birthday month, it's all been a bit underwhelming.  Nothing like a yellow toy bus to brighten up your enviro bag... and your outfit.

It't always a treat getting to lick that peanut butter spoon before placing it in the sink...

I've been trying out a new idea for work lunches.  I've based my recipe for peanut sesame noodles / spaghetti on versions from Table For Two  (for their dressing) and Nigella for her addition of raw vegetables.

As I alluded to earlier, I used spaghetti rather than Chinese noodles in my version.  Three quarters of a box made five lunches for me.  The salad looks quite pale and runny when you first assemble it.

But thickens up and turns a wonderful tan after a few hours in the fridge.  I garnished with toasted sesame seeds and chopped spring onions.  

My googling about The Ordinary skincare lead me to discover that the Deciem company actually have a storefront in Sydney, in The Rocks to be precise.

At the counter of The Abnormal Beauty Store.

It's all very minimalist, witty and somewhat hipster.  As I was the only customer in the store, it was a bit difficult to take too many subtle photos of the store.

Because the Priceline 40% off sale broke the internet, I bought the moisturizer I wanted to try from The Rocks store.  Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA costs $9.80 and has a light texture with no SPF or fragrance.  I'm hoping to use it over the Buffet serum when it arrives in my Priceline order.  Also pictured is my prized ton of culinary grade matcha powder which also cost $9.80.  I found it on my travels around the city as well.  I've decided to make myself a birthday cake later this month and my heart is set on matcha and white chocolate as the key flavours.

I've upsized my tin of baking powder to the massive 300g edition in anticipation of all the baking I'll be doing over the next few months.  There's a few birthdays and then... Christmas!!  How did Christmas suddenly get so close?

I reckon it's because these weeks of mine just fly by.  Sometimes I find myself in a haze of 'did that all really happen this week?' that hits me at the last set of lights before I reach home.  All it takes is one or two really crazy days at work with a day full of adventures (planned and spontaneous) in between and I'm already at Friday night thinking about Saturday and all the things I need to get done so that I can do less to nothing on Sunday.  It never stops, does it?

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