Aug 14, 2017

Life This Week 14/8/2017: My Ideal Meal.

I have a confession to make.  I've been a bit complacent about my diet over the last few weeks.  The cold weather has been an excuse for 'just a bit more' and because it's 'home made and vegan' portion control really isn't an issue.  Don't vegetables have close to zero calories anyway?

My clothes are feeling tight and I'm feeling unfit.  It's all a bit disappointing because I thought keeping up with my exercise would compensate for all that extra food.  It might have done in the past but clearly not anymore.

At the same time, beating myself up and wishing things were different isn't going to change anything either.  Small changes which will eventually become habits over time.  Those and non food related goals to celebrate my milestones.  I'm planning on making the milestones unrelated to a number on the scales.  Sticking to a small goal for a fortnight is what I'm thinking of instead.

Interestingly, it's not been the occasional treat days that have been my undoing but rather the daily almost mindless extras I've been adding without much thought or need.  Being confronted with a few extra kilos has made me think hard about the small things I can change each day in the way I eat.

Which brings me to what my ideal meal is at the moment.  It's every meal from now on.  Because I'm going to be more mindful about how much food it really takes to make me pleasantly full.  I can't do fad diets and I can't skip meals.  I like my little treats, I can't really live without an alternate day cafe coffee.

But I can make small changes to get back on track.  And stay there.


  1. Good luck with your goals! I always find myself eating a little more in winter - probably as you end up spending so much time inside! We will be getting a taste of summer this week which will be interesting! I am looking forward to it a little.

  2. I have done similarly. I have a friend who told me a story about his mother, she went to the doctor and was told she was diabetic. The doctor told her she should eat things like steamed broccoli and chicken. That was what she ate for every meal for the next 9 weeks exactly - steamed broccoli and chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I am thinking of making September a challenge month where steamed vegies and chicken will be my dinner every day. I need to simplify things again. I have been making such amazing meals for The Other Half all winter, he has been incredibly spoiled with goodness, but so have I. :)

  3. Good on you, SSG. Very easy to slip into mindless habits. Xx

  4. I've been doing too much mindless eating in the evenings recently. It does need to stop!

  5. Only way to not deny yourself anything but make things smaller but every day as they mean much to you. The scales were/are an enemy but clothes tell a truer story. However, we have winter to deal with right now and it is not exactly the time for early morning jogs etc. Food is both a comfort and a fuel. I know that well. I am trying to combine both as I venture back into eating what I can with only a few bottom teeth! Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek 31/52 and next week's prompt is "Selfie Time".


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