Aug 7, 2017

Life This Week 7/8/2017: The Old 'Hood. The Ordinary.

It's been a long time in the hoping and wishing for the planets to align but it finally happened.  My drive back to the old 'hood to check out Cav & Co, the new cafe venture by the team behind an old favourite of mine, Cavalicious.

The team have relocated to new premises in what used to be a laundromat and they've worked wonders to turn it into a cozy corner cafe.  There's outdoor seating along the footpath and lots of light coming in through the front floor length windows.  Inside, the decor is a little bit warehouse and a whole lot of warmth.

I only had time for a coffee (which was very good) and am already working out when I can return for one of those almond croissants I loved from back in the day.  By coincidence, I bumped into an old friend from mothers' group and we ended up having a bit of catch up over coffee.  Cav & Co is that kind of place, it's hard to leave once you've parked yourself at a table.

But errands had to be done ie the centre aisle of Aldi Gladesville had to be perused for any Special Buys I may have missed.  Just as well I looked, I found an exact replacement for the acrylic make up caddy I broke a few months back.

I'm a long term fan of Aldi's Moser Roth mini chocolate bars and it looks like everyone else has caught on because there weren't many varieties left on the shelf.   My favourites are the dark chocolate varieties but they do make a mean white chocolate too.  It's got flecks of vanilla in it and while it is sweet, it doesn't make your teeth ache with it.

Preschooler SSG is a big fan of the chocolate marble brioche loaf.  We heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds and it is so very, very good....  A loaf is around $5.  It's even made in France!!  That's a bit of a bargain for an imported baked good.  Gee, you're always full of surprises, Aldi.

I stocked up on Aldi butter for all the baking I have planned this month.  misskittystyle on Instragram tells me that the unsalted butter is great for baking while the organic butter is delicious for everything else.  Lurpak 500g tubs were also in stock for $7.99 so yes, I got one of those too.   No fear of a butter shortage at my place anytime soon.

In other budget friendly / spending in order to save news, Priceline had their 40% off sale late last week and it motivated be to finally join the herd who are going crazy for the ordinary , a very nicely priced skin care brand out of Canada who base their formulas on ingredients with a fair bit of science and evidence already behind them (a link to their website  if you're interested in reading a little more).  It was pretty complicated for me to try and work out what I wanted to try from the site so I cheated and went to a few beauty blogger reviews as well as asking at my local Priceline (where practically everything was sold out).

I figure that at 40% off already very reasonable ('The Buffet', the most expensive product I'm interested in is only $24.90 AUD full price), so I really can't go too far wrong ordering through Priceline.  I've run out of a few things from other $$ brands and my usual etailers are out of stock of them as well.  The overwhelming response from friends I've asked about the ordinary has been positive with everyone noticing significant benefits in their skin since using their serums.

Promise to post a review or two when I've tried my haul.


  1. I love Priceline's 40% off sales - it's the only time I bother to shop there, then I stock up for enough until the next sale :)

  2. That looks like a veritable bucket of coffee! A delicious one at that. It sounds like you had a delicious week!

  3. Looking forward to the review on the haul!

  4. I have yet to try anything from The Ordinary but you're right, everyone's raving about the brand! The chocolate sounds yummy, too!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  5. I love Aldi too - I always like to have a browse through their special buy tables in case something interesting is lurking there. I've never heard of Ordinary but will check it out next time I'm at Priceline.

  6. What a great post...fuelled by coffee and all that is lovely to share with your readers! Thanks for linking up this week for #lifethisweek. Next week: Ideal Meal


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