Aug 24, 2017

Lovin' Life 24/8/2017: Family Fun.

We've had some very special people come to stay this week and Preschooler SSG has been beside himself.

He's taken my mum and aunty to all his favourite places and he's baked for them as well.

Aldi's organic butter gets two thumbs up from all of at SSG Manor 2.0.  Melted butter, an extra egg and milk instead of water in with a cake mix really does help the result taste home made.

We went out for dinner to China Diner which has recently opened an out post down the road.

I'll have to return again soon to review the cocktails but in the mean time, here's a report on the food.

Basically, I loved it all.  The duck pancakes are a little different to the traditional Chinese method of serving them with just the layer of crispy duck skin.  China Diner serves slices of duck meat in theirs with some delicately pickled cucumber.

For our mains, we shared some poached chicken with ginger and shallots, some steamed greens and a serve of fried rice.  It was all served Bondi style (and hence true to China Diner's origins) - light, lean and full of flavour.

Thanks to my mum and aunty, I found myself with a few child free hours over the weekend.  I could have used them to rest up and totally knock my cold on its head or to catch up on the housework but no, temptation beckoned and I attempted to go perfume shopping with my cold.  I had to abandon my mission after about the fifth perfume tester because nothing smelled right through my dodgy sinuses.  So all I had to show for my effort in the Myer beauty hall was a back up tube of my favourite MAC concealer.

Do you bring your nearly empties in with you when make up shopping?  I do it in the vain hope it makes things easier for the make up artist serving me because all they need to do is squint at the base of the tube to try and make out what shade I am rather than having to re swatch me on a busy Saturday afternoon.  Fortunately, he could read which NC shade I was and double fortunately, MAC still make this particular concealer (Mineralize, FYI).  Can you imagine the panic if it had been discontinued and I might have had to try something new?

I did go home with a few other things...  I've had my eye on this Japanese made Benriner Turning Slicer for ages and found it for an excellent price at Victoria Basement.  It looks easier to use than my current mini plastic one and less clunky than the Aldi electric version I tried a few months back.

And yes, that is a Doughnut Time box nestled away in the shopping bag too.....

Kind-Er A Big Deal is a special edition doughnut currently on sale at D Time and I just had to buy one for Preschooler SSG because Kinder eggs are his favourite thing right now,


  1. Oh lovely. The dinner looks great and of course the donut!

    But lovely for kids to spend time with grandparents and older generations. My niece spent a lot of time with my folks when she was young - which was great - as she hit teenage years and was less interested in doing so. (Which my mum tells me is the norm - she knows from her friends. But I love that she had those early years with them and hope she remembers that). #teamlovinlife

  2. So nice to have your parents visit for the weekend. It's good to give your kids some grandparent time. I'm intrigued by the turning slicer. Is that for slicing vegetables? #TeamLovinLife

  3. looks like a lot of sugary fun! Someone was lucky!

  4. I really should take my nearly empties in. I'm the one standing at the counter saying stuff like 'I think this is the bottle...or is it this one?' Have a great weekend. #TeamLovinLife

  5. How lovely for your son to have your mum and aunty stay with you and how nice for you to gain some child free time!


  6. I've never tried poached chicken - is it good? Chicken that isn't browned kind of freaks me out haha.

  7. Ooh I'm using that packet cake tip. I don't know howto change recipes without stuffing them up, so that will come in handy!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  8. How lovely for your Mum and Aunt to visit. It is so important for children to have special times with grandparents or older relatives. Not to mention more 'me time' for you! Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  9. I would have to have a kinder doughnut if I saw one here...just because.

  10. It's always lovely to have grandparents around. They hold a special place in the lives of kids. Your dinner looks sensational too :) #TeamLovinLife

  11. I seriously love the look of the food at the China Diner... might have to go and try
    Out the cocktails as well!


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