Aug 22, 2017

On the Mend.

What a difference a day (and antibiotics) makes.  I've risen from the barely alive in truly miraculous fashion.  

I've even been down the road to get myself a coffee and pick up my shirts from the dry cleaners.  I had no idea getting your shirts professionally laundered and pressed was so inexpensive.  This could possibly be setting a lazy mum precedent for next year when Preschooler SSG starts kinder and a neatly pressed uniform will be required 5 days a week, most weeks of the year....

My appetite has returned.  It helps that my aunt and uncle brought their favourite brand of prawn crackers with them from Malaysia and fried them up for me too.  These crackers are worlds away from those fragile looking pink things you get from the supermarket or as a freebie at your local Chinese restaurant.  Many are made in little mum and dad businesses where the exact cracker recipe is a closely guarded secret.  Entire batches sell out on a daily basis and some producers are official suppliers of prawn crackers to the royal families in the area.

I could go on about these prawn crackers forever.  They're thick yet crisp with a nice toothiness to them.  You can taste the prawn in them as well as the umami.  I imagine they'd go down nicely with a beer or two if you're that way inclined.  For me, I'd just have them with a Coke Zero.

But for all my recovery, I'm still only around 80% at the gym right now.  It's good to be getting back into the swing of things fitness-wise but it's going to be a slow progress.  Getting so sick and so quickly has definitely been a reality check for me.

I'm irrationally exciting to be heading back into work tomorrow.  It hasn't been the same logging into work from home.  I'm missing the drama, lack of dull moments and the big personalities.

Not to mention the dressing up.

The Julia (front) and Jessica (background) dresses from Boden's current range.  Got them for 20% off.

I received my two Boden dresses in the post this week and I reckon this jersey shirt dress is going to get debuted at the coalface tomorrow.  The Julia dress in melon ($180 AUD)  has this lovely retro, kind of Gucci vibe and has just enough colour to perk up my pasty, post flu complexion.

Be well and enjoy that good health of yours!

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