Aug 8, 2017

One of Those Days.

Basically, today has been brought to you by the words 'Crazy' and 'Crazier' both of which are subsidiaries of the 'One Of Those Days' corporation.

I know.  It's hard to know what's for me and what's for the patient in this trolley...

I've just returned home after receiving The Call from daycare.  The one about a high fever and a miserable looking preschooler.  An emergency grocery run has been done as we prepare to bunker down for a couple of days of the Frosty Fruit diet.  You can trust Preschooler SSG to have great taste when it comes to selecting sick bed ice cream and biscuits.  So many key food groups covered in the one shopping trolley.  

Out of frame are a bag of indulgent grapes all the way from California and this other little gift to our nation from the Golden State...

a bottle of Cali Press #6.  Because nothing else drops a fever (combined with either panadol or nurofen) quite like it.

My last bottle of Coke Zero is tempting me from the fridge and I think I deserve it today after all the texting, calling and general life organizing I've done today.  The executive summary is that life will go on tomorrow thanks to the many wonderful people I'm friends, colleagues and neighours with.  

The unabridged version goes a little like this.

I love the impossibly tall trees that line the streets where I live.  I love listening to the shimmery rustle of the wind through their leaves as I potter around the house.  I love watching their shape and colour change with the season.  When I need a bit of calm and stillness, I look up at them and find a soothing focus for my mind.  

I'm just not very good at dealing with their large branches when they fall across my backyard.  So I'm very grateful to our council for being so friendly and prompt as they helped me this morning.  I'm also very glad no one was hurt.  An arborist is currently in my backyard sorting out the situation.  The back street is actually a hive of activity right now with him, the builders next door and an assortment of other people who are out and about getting things done.  

I too was trying to get things done after the gym this morning. It's usually pretty quiet at the shops around half eight in the morning so I thought I'd be able to make some calls as I sipped my post gym coffee.  As luck would have it, the entire Westfield was in fire drill mode.  Nothing like the sound of sirens in the background to emphasize the urgency of your calls to mum, the local council, plumber or the ANZ, I suppose.

Lucky it's been a good mail day with my parcel from Priceline ready to pick up because the delivery guy missed me at home (and thought I'd appreciate a little walk and weight training at the post office).  I'm looking forward to trying new products as well as having a stockpile of all the things we seem to run out of at the most inconvenient times.

So much whining and franticness in the one post.  It's not always like this.  Sunday was just lovely, actually.

We went out for Japanese after swimming and Sunday school.

Then we scootered to the park and tried to take on some challenging playground equipment.

Before heading home with a melting Zooper Dooper that it was my job to hold for Preschooler SSG and then help him drink once all the ice had melted because he was adamant not one drop of its artificial raspberry deliciousness should go to waste.  You just had to be there.  In a public thoroughfare.  It was one of my proudest parenting moments.

There was still so much sun on the sky after we got home from lunch.  That couldn't go to waste either so we went for another scoot with my nephew and his parents.  Why am I always the one who gets to carry the buses?  Why do we even need toy buses when we're meant to be scooting up the road?

Then we had cherries for afternoon tea.

And with that, I reckon you are now officially up to speed with everything around here.  Lots of unexpected drama and things not quite going to plan but things have worked themselves out in a crazy kind of way.  To celebrate I've brought Casual Friday forward to tomorrow.  I shall be heading into work dressed in my trusty J Brands from back in the day.

How's your day been?  One of those days?


  1. It's always tough when they get sick - and even worse when everything goes wrong at once! We've all been hit by the latest bug here and are all feeling very sorry for ourselves...luckily tomorrow is my usual work from home day so I'm optimistic I'll get some rest tonight and be awake enough to work!

  2. So stressful hope all ok


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