Aug 26, 2017

So Then My Mojo Returned.

I'd always thought of my life as being pretty simple when it comes down to it.  Set routines, set responsibilities and even set things I could count on to love or loathe.  Then I Slightly Fell Apart With The Flu.  Some weeks later I Recovered From The Flu.  And over the last few days, I've been in the process of Getting My Mojo Back.  It's been a surprisingly complex and multi-faceted process as I've rediscovered favourites places, tastes, sounds and feelings.  Who knew that the flu could make you feel born again on its departure.

Coffee's tasting like it should again and popping down to my favourite cafe is fun for all my senses again.

Good old Tay Tay has had some kind of social media blitz this week and it's resulted (predictably) in the release of a new single and album.  Yes, I'm a 42 year old woman but yes I got caught up in the whirlwind and downloaded 'Look What You Made Me Do' because Tay Tay is that kind of creative force.  There are so many (not so) hidden meanings, subtexts and references in her lyrics....  The new direction of Her Swiftness music is also a good one for getting motivated by at the gym.

In other news relating to the gym.  Well, it's location, at least.  Look who's finally setting up a shingle at The Junction?  About time, Sephora and can't wait to drop by this September.  A mere week or so away....

I had a defining moment with technology this week and it's just too good not to share.  I bought myself a new printer.  One of those hard core, heavy duty lazer ones.  I've been faffing around for too long with ink jets.  They seem cheap to start with but you end up paying with cartridges and dodgy print quality in the long run.  In anticipation of a future of high volume printing with Preschooler SSG starting school next year, I bit the bullet and got a 'proper' printer.

And guess what?  Not only did I set it up relatively easily, I got wifi printing to work with all my Apple devices first go!  Is all of that even meant to happen to mere mortals like myself?

And here is the first proper thing I printed.  A very and conversion table of most things cooking from  Laminated straight off the printer tray, of course.

I bought my printer at Officeworks.  A place that never fails to soothe and take my money.

In the time that it took for the very helpful printer guy to come and help me choose one, I managed to find myself a stash of new note cards.  Orla Keily and Jonathan Adlers, no less.

And if all of the above wasn't enough excitement in my first days of feeling human in quite a while... I went out Friday night.  With two of my very best mum friends for a bit of a girls night.  It was low key, it was spent sipping quality beverages that sparkled and despite being out late on a school night, we all went home super relaxed and full of the joy of life.  So much so that one of us walked home from the train station and straight into Woolies for a rather dry Chicken Waldorf sandwich that she then proceeded to eat straight from its carton as she walked home (in heels) to her little corner of suburbia.  I like to think it was living on the edge but I was actually too lazy to get Maccas on the way to the train and then too tired to cross the road from Woolies to Oporto when that post drinkies hunger could no longer be ignored.

Keeping it classy and living the dream,

SSG xxx


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better SSG, and that you managed a night out!

    The printer ink thing, ugh! It gets to a point where it's actually cheaper to buy a new printer than to replace the ink and that's a shocking state of affairs. We are now at the point where we only use our printer for scanning, it's one of those combo ones. But if we buy ink, it just dries up before we even get to use it as we print so little. Like you I think we'll need to get a 'proper' one when school rolls around. Hopefully it will be just as easy to set up!

  2. Chicken Waldorf sammich.... yuuuurrrrk. Chips... yasss

  3. It definitely sounds like you are on the way to recovery SSG :-)


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