Aug 15, 2017

Under the Weather.

It was pretty much inevitable, I suppose.

Finding myself on my day off with a low grade temperature and all the symptoms Preschooler SSG had last week.

I've hastily revised the menu for dinner tonight.  It's going to be jelly cups with tinned fruit for me.

With bonus calories and caffeine from the drinks I had left over from when I was trying to encourage fluids with Preschooler SSG last week.  I am a bit feverish but I'm pretty sure that I got my hands on a pack of coke zero minis and not no sugar cokes, right?

I've got around 3 hours until preschool pick up and there's not much I can do really except wait for the panadol to kick in, sip some tea and fill a few virtual shopping carts.  I hear there's another Priceline 40% off sale on from tomorrow but the mental effort required to plan a haul is beyond me right now.  So I've gone back in time to ebay to track down some things I need for work.  I have so many fond memories of some very dodgy purchases from the 'Bay.  'Designer Inspired' coats that looked more like dress ups, polo shirts that barely covered my belly....  

The weekend was lovely though.

We made the most of the sun and took a ferry to the zoo and I picked up my first ever freebie paper.  All this time and I never knew to go and collect a paper from the holders at the main entrance.  Have no idea why Sunday was temporarily renamed Samday.  Can anyone shed some light?

On Saturday I celebrated both my birthday and the restoration of our hot water supply (tricky business with the front gas supply valve... much cheaper to fix than the hot water heater, thankfully).  I kept it classy by using china to hold my snacks.  To compensate for my ... acrylic (shudder) champagne flute.

After a winter hiatus, birthday party season is back in full swing.  Jungle Buddies in Five Dock is pretty much the perfect location for a play centre based birthday party.  There's plenty of undercover parking on site (with lifts to get you safely to the venue) and the play structure is both impressively tall and has a large foot print on each of its three levels.  Sorry no photos of the magnificence of the main play centre structure, my friends and I were too busy keeping an eye on the boys.  They've all suddenly decided that they no longer need us within line of sight as they climb and explore.  It's pretty hard work keeping track of them as they scurry up, down and around.  There's also a serparate secured area for the under threes.  Those were the days...

They run a tight ship at Jungle Buddies.  Each party was allocated their own table in the main area with platters brought out for the parents to enjoy as the children played.  There was then an announcement for each group of children to then move to their individual party area where games were played after they were served lunch.  It was all beautifully done and the food was the nicest I've ever had at a play centre.  The cafe was also very reasonably priced.

Have you finally caught what the rest of your household had earlier this winter?  Feeding that cold, starving that fever or doing it in reverse?

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  1. Ugh we've been sick too, but all over it now. Hope your Birthday was fun at least!

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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