Sep 5, 2017

Baby News. Costco News.

You can thank the Cambridges for adding a bit of excitement to what was going to be a post devoted to my weekend day trip to Costco.

It's official.  Baby number three is on the way for the Duke and Duchess.  Many, many months after the confident headlines on the cover of more than one gossip magazine.  I love how the news broke in the 'out of left field' manner of T Swift and has caused just as much excitement on the internet.  But with less in depth analysis about hidden meanings and possible references to other celebrities.

So congratulations, William, Kate, George and Charlotte.  Congratulations to all you wonderful people who manage to parent more than one child with such patience, good humour and endurance.  I salute you all.
And Kate, I'll still be keeping a beady eye on your maternity wardrobe.  

There was a time not that long ago when I knew the route to Costco like the back of my hand.  Numerous routes, actually.  The one from my old home, the one on the way home from old work and the one from my new place. But then the M4 had some major work done to it and I ended up missing my on ramp and taking the scenic route through the suburbs to get there.  But we finally made it on Sunday.  Much to the excitement of Preschooler SSG who had spent the week previous telling everyone he knew that he was 'going to Costco'.

The finds revealed themselves early.  I was only halfway down my second aisle when I spied Plate Got Ate's favourite oyster sauce.  It's the Megachef brand from Thailand and a pair of large 600g bottles will set you back around $8.  We get through a fair bit of oyster sauce in our kitchen and the fancy Chinese brands are around the same price per bottle.

It was another pleasing sign that I'm becoming my mother.  In the true spirit of Costco shopping, I struck up a conversation with a fellow shopper that resulted in her convincing me to buy something.  My new friend was telling me how she first ate these madeleines in London where she bought them from a Costco there.  They're made in California interestingly enough before being exported to Costcos across the globe.  She pronounced them delicious and readers, she speaks the truth.  These madeleines are buttery with just the right amount of sweetness.  They're also not dry and crumbly.

I'm all set for summer thanks to these shorts from the infamous central tables of clothing.  $19.99 per pair with that trademark Bettina Liano yellow label to boot.  So many memories.  You'll be relieved to discover that they aren't white shorts I bought but rather a dirty white.  Much easier for me to maintain.

In a concerning move, Post-its have decided that being greener also means getting paler.  I know we have a responsibility to our planet but I also know that pastel coloured Post-its are almost invisible to me.  They just seem to blend into a pool of pallor when I use them.  Which you don't need when they contain vital information about trip dates, hotels, leave that needs booking and shifts that need swapping...  It was definitely a sign that there was one last packet of fluorescent notes in the display.  Hidden in a spot only I could find.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any Sriracha in stock but I did find this Sriracha aioli.  I often mix my own version using the chilli sauce and some Kewpie mayonnaise but this all in one genius life hack makes this so much easier for me.

Got my bearings back on the way home.  So reassuring to seeing my M4 on ramp in the distance...

Somehow about 4 hours passed from the time we entered Costco, shopped and then ate lunch.  Technically,  Preschooler SSG had two lunches - a grazing one from the sample booths in store and then a pizza slice and chocolate sundae from the cafe outside.  Who am I trying to fool?  We went halves on the pizza and ice cream.

Order has been restored in the kitchen of SSG Manor 2.0.  I have all the catering packs of Glad's various wraps on the top shelf of the spare things cupboard and I also have 2 kilos of pecans and a couple of litres of maple syrup squirrelled away.  We will be good until Christmas which is when Preschooler SSG feels that a return trip to Costco is on the cards.  I tend to agree with him.


  1. My mind boggles at the idea of 3 kids- though my mum did it alone.
    Kate will have plenty of help.
    Haven't been to Costco in aaaaaaages! Will have to rectify it.

  2. I'm firmly in the two kids is handful enough camp, I'm amazed by those who are much more organised and in control who contemplate more! Very happy news for the royals :)

    I still haven't been to Costco, there was talk of there possibly being one closer to us but I haven't heard any more about it. Maybe when the boys are older and eating more the hour or so drive will be worth it to stock up on food.


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