Sep 8, 2017

Koala Xanthe and Other Things.

Koala Xanthe.
Stay with me on this one.

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Tatler has just released its list of the top posh baby names for 2017 and I just picked the name combination I liked best from it.  You know, for my imaginary daughter.  The one whom I dress in tutus (as long as they're black or navy with gold accents) some days and Polo Ralph Lauren on the others.

Though, I'm not sure I used the list correctly.  Are you meant to just pick one name as a first name perhaps to add interest and freshness between the list of inherited family names that follow and the title that precedes it?

Another pressing question I had in my head this week revolved around a trip to Kmart.  Is this off the shoulder broderie anglaise number a dress or a top?  I am showing my age more and more these days with the questions I ask...

I thought dress at first but they were displayed above some denim shorts which threw me.  White in my size sold out, unfortunately so I bought the black and took my chances on the dress versus top question.  Being practical and all, the black is a safer option for my lifestyle.

Readers, they are dresses.  I found the neckline worked better for me when the sleeves were worn on the shoulder rather than off.  With those shorts from the weekend and this dress, all I need now for summer is proper summer weather.  So do your bit please, weather gods and make those mid twenties maximums a thing.

My aunty was in Chatswood over the weekend and returned with this little gift for me.  My very own Cracker Barrel cheese board.  I know.  What more do I need in this life?  Cracker Barrel is my favourite cheddar and to have its name immortalized on my very own cheese board is everything.  Summer (that word again...) drinks and snacks are going to be fabulous this year.

It turns out the Cracker Barrel promotions people were gifting a block of Special Reserve Vintage cheddar, some crackers and the cheeseboard in little care packages to encourage us all to put our phones down, chat to each other over cheese and buy more cheese when the block runs out.

In news from the gym and my ongoing battle with the kilos I managed to put on (while going to said running daily over the winter and 'eating less')... I can still do medicine ball sit ups!  Those core muscles have the best memory.

I'm signing off ahead of the weekend with this photo from Preschooler SSG's room at preschool.  This is the work of his classmates and him.  Wooden blocks, bottle tops we've recycled from home and plastic cups form the bones of this tower.  His teacher was telling me that the children have been amazing at resisting the temptation to knock it all down and that each day, different additions have found their way around the tower.  Some days it's been animals and others trains (Preschooler SSG's contribution, I'm sure).  

Preschooler SSG has been so proud of the work his group has done with its construction that he asked me to take a photo or two of him next to it.

Here's to a happy weekend for us all.

Be well.


  1. I farking love Kmart. It da best.
    They must pipe a pheromone through the aircon that makes me happy and calm and want to buy cheap and cheerful things.
    Yes to cheese.
    I have a fun exercise with the med ball- squat down with ball, as you are coming up chuck ball to 9 ft height, catch ball as squatting, repeat.

  2. I still haven't seen that dress in Kmart but I did see quite a few things today that I wanted to bring home with me, haha! I resisted (for the moment anyway!)

    I have next to no core muscles after my boys - I really should make time to see the physio again.


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