Sep 26, 2017

LA, Baby!!!! Less Exciting News.

It's a gloriously sunny day outside.  

I've just been for a walk and gotten a starter tan on my legs.

I went window shopping in search of a straw hat for summer but was told that stock won't be in for a few weeks.

It was all so invigorating that I didn't stop to take any pictures for you, sorry so I've hit up Google Images instead.

via YouTube
I'm not quite game enough to embrace the cursive writing on the brim trend on a personal level.

via AliExpress

This is more my style so I hope the store I love window shopping at has these in their summer hat drop rather than the first option I discussed.

I heard a rumour that TK Maxx at Top Ryde had a covetable selection of designer heels for sale.  They do but fortunately for me, nothing was in my size.  These Gucci zebra print Mary Janes were around the $500 mark FYI.  

I'm still trying to establish rapport with TK Maxx, to be honest.  I don't know what it is but I just can't find the will to browse the racks in the hope of finding a bargain.  I've given it some time and I've browsed two branches now but I'm still not feeling the love.  Probably just as well.

Because I'm going to be in LA in 120 days!!!!!!

In the meantime, I'd better walk the talk of new MINISO cutler set and eat a banana.  I just have to bring this with me to LA, don't I?

Last but not least... I have Big News for dry shampoo fans.  Toni & Guy's Sky High Volume dry shampoo is worth every one of its $16 regular price / two for $25 at Woolies dollars.  It's the one dry shampoo that not only makes my hair feel clean, it also makes it look even better than on the day I blow dry it.  'I' being the operative word because my hairdresser's blow dries are in a class of their own.

Seriously, I've actually been using this sprayed at my roots straight after my blow dry.  It adds noticeable volume and makes my hair look salon blow-dried somehow.  Even after I've been attacking it vigorously with my Parlux without any technique.

Run, Don't Walk.

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  1. I will need to get that dry shampoo when my current one runs out, thanks for the recommendation! :)

    Exciting news about your upcoming trip too - you're sure to see a lot more bargains in the US than in TK Maxx! I still haven't checked it out, I think there are some around Brisbane so I really should.


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