Sep 11, 2017

Life This Week 11/9/2017: #LTW IS ONE!!!
Denyse's 'Life This Week' Monday blog link up turns one this week and I've thoroughly enjoyed participating.  Mostly on theme and occasionally off on my own little tangent.  I think I've been able to link up for practically every week, give or take.

What I've really enjoyed about participating is that I've gotten to know so many new blogging friends through their posts.  They've collectively broadened my experience of life with the varied focuses they've given their blogs.  Retirement, parenting with special needs, decluttering, life positivity and observations of life in parts of the world so different to mine - reading along each week has given interest and variety to my usual blog reading list and I am very grateful for this.

Writing to a theme once a week has also made blogging more interesting for me.  It's forced me to think beyond the well-worn themes, interests and obsessions of my life.  Some posts have been better than others but the general effect has been a positive one for me in terms of keeping my writing creative and different rather than repetitive.  For the weeks when I've not been able to write to theme, reflecting on the week that was has been very cathartic.  I might try writing about the week ahead that I want in future, just to change things up a bit.

So Happy Birthday, #LTW and thank you, Denyse for your friendship and kind comments on my posts.

Looking forward to what the next year holds for #LTW!!


  1. I'm hopeless at following the prompts, but just might do so some day...or maybe not. These Monday links have exposed me to other blogs that I look forward to reading weekly now.

  2. That is great that you follow her prompts. It is good to have a challenge and change things up a bit.

  3. I agree SSG, link ups are a great way to meet and connect with other bloggers who become friends over time. I've enjoyed being part of Denyse's link up each Monday otherwise you and I might not have met! Have a a great week!

  4. It is a great opportunity to meet other bloggers. I have enjoyed being part of Denyse's weekly prompts too

  5. It is lovely to think that this idea of mine a year ago has been accepted and taken on as a challenge by you and others and also as a way to meet others! I love that LTW is becoming a community. So sweet. Thank you for your kind words and friendship. Always appreciated. Thanks for joining in #LTW 35/52, next week is Taking Stock. I have added the prompts for the rest of 2017 on my home page and in the blog post P is for Pansies.

  6. I still can't believe it's been a year already! I haven't been regular but hope to be more consistent


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