Sep 18, 2017

Life This Week 18/9/2017: Taking Stock.

Making : fairy wands using a craft set I bought at kmart.  Those sets are godsends for combatting Preschooler cabin fever. 

Cooking :  roasted vegetable buddha bowls.  I've tweaked a recipe from Goodful by adding a few things to the original dressing (orange juice, fish sauce and sesame oil) and it's now just right for me.

Drinking : T2's peppermint tea.

Reading: the pricing information booklet for the play centre where Preschooler SSG wants to hold his fifth birthday... this December.  He's already set the date and the guest list will be 'all my friends'...

Trawling: TripAdvisor for tips and tricks for my next trip.  I'm excited already.  If it all comes together, I'll be off to the US in January.  I know.  What a surprise....

Wanting:  to go on a magical mystery train ride with Preschooler SSG these school holidays.  I've heard Kiama is a lovely place to visit with a scenic ride all the way there.

Looking: for a new set of kitchen scales.  Mine are broken and as a guesstimate kind of cook, I'm missing them more than I thought I would.

Deciding: that my eyeballs can only deal with contacts so many days of the week.  

Wishing: that my eyeliner didn't migrate into my eyes as often as it does.

Enjoying: the later sunsets we're getting these days.

Waiting:  for my antihistamines to kick in.  Hay fever.  Grr....

Liking: that my hands are no longer cracked and sore after I've taken to smothering them in Vaseline and wearing old socks over them each night.  It's my cross to bear each winter and if I'm slack about it, I really do notice the painful difference.

Wondering: if the new iPhone will live up to its hype and if I should get one.

Loving: how clean my desktop and laptop screens are now that I've given them a good clean.

Pondering: how all the sand finds its way through the house.  Despite me pouring it out of shoes at the back door before we enter.

Listening: to Preschooler SSG chatter away with such imagination and passion.

Considering: whether I should open this week's Aldi catalogue.  Browsing it always convinces me I need things I never thought I did.

Buying: Aldi plain flour for the first time.  I'm a long time fan of everything else in this trolley.  I don't think I can go too far wrong with the flour.  It's Australian grown and milled.

Watching: Australian Story's interview with Dennis and John, two of Australia's most lovely and inspiring foster dads.  Hearing each of their foster daughters speak with such love, pride and respect for these two beautiful people was just the parenting inspiration I needed this week.

Hoping: for a stable, relatively peaceful world in 2018 because I'm planning to travel to a fair few corners of it.

Marvelling: that I've already sent in all my tax stuff to my accountant.

Cringing: in advance at all the questions he will then have for me relating to missing paperwork and overzealous attempts to claim potential deductible expenses.  

Needing: to change the battery in the remote for our back gate.  

Questioning: how I managed to collect three bags of dark brown sugar in my pantry.

Smelling: cinnamon scented oat, sultana and chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven.

Wearing: a much loved pair of jeans I bought in New York 9 years ago and a deliciously comfy pima cotton top I bought in New Orleans 2 years ago.

Noticing: that practically all my favourite clothes come from those epic outlet shopping expeditions I have when I'm overseas.

Knowing: that despite this, some things like the perfect black leather jacket always seems to be elusive on these trips.

Thinking: that those letters the energy companies sent out because the Government told them to do something about the massive bills consumers are getting from them are both a waste of time and of trees.  The media reported on how many of us would be too complacent to do anything making it doubtful the letters would change anything much.  The corollary is that the energy companies are being just as complacent.  I parked myself with my phone and the letter at my desk the other day expecting to be on the phone for half and hour but with a better plan at the end of it.  Instead I only had a five minute chat confirming that I was already on the best plan for me. Grrrr....

Admiring: how other people keep their manicures in such immaculate condition.

Getting: excited about the long overdue catch ups I have planned over coming weeks with some of my favourite people.

Bookmarking: online sellers of the printer cartridges for my new printer.  Exciting stuff.

Opening: windows on the work browser far too often from home.  

Closing: the door of a decluttered wardrobe full of clothes you actually wear is a great feeling.

Feeling: a rush of excitement as I walk through the stores in the city.  Everyone seems to be gearing up for spring/summer.  So many new things.  So many lavish product installations.

Hearing: the hum of my fridge in the background.  It's been hectic today but the sound of my fridge is one of those reassuring sounds of home and winding down for the night.

Celebrating: some of our cultural heritage with Preschooler SSG.  We visited a festival on Darling Harbour organized to promote Hong Kong recently and Preschooler SSG was fascinated (at a safe distance) by these dragon dancers.  He had no such hesitation at the fried noodle stall we visited after looking at the dragons.

Pretending: that summer is already here!!!!!!

Embracing: my chance to have my say on marriage equality.


  1. A great taking stock. Thanks for the reminder re taxes. :) Have a great week.

  2. I love reading these Taking Stock posts! It's such a great window into people's lives and makes me smile mostly. How exciting that you might be coming to the US in January! Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Those darn Aldi catalogues!lol. I hide them from the hubster because he always finds something we don't need.

  4. I got cranky and removed half my clothes from my wardrobe on the weekend. Some of it was winter stuff (and winter is long gone from here) and others will go into a sort it out later pile, as I do!

  5. Kiama is great, so is Berry. I highly recommend the Berry Markets. The first Sunday of each month. :)

  6. Buddha bowls are the best! Those cookies look awesome, too. Always about food with me! Safe & happy travels. Sounds like exciting times ahead!

  7. I admire people who keep their manicures in immaculate condition too!


  8. I agree, having an uncluttered wardrobe of clothes which you love & work well for you is tops.

    Jenni | Unclutter Your Universe

  9. Oh I love Kiama SSG I used to live there before moving to Qld 30 odd years ago. I'm also a T2 fan and I enjoyed a catchup with one of my friends last weekend who had recently been overseas on holidays. Loved your post and the fairy wands!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  10. One day I'll reach that level with my wardrobe too - it will all fit inside and I'll be able to close the door, and I'll be wearing nothing but things I love. The trouble is I like too much of my wardrobe to sell, donate or give it away and so it's always overflowing (even after 7 months of no shopping this year!).

  11. Loved reading this. I am yet to buy anything much at all at an Aldi. I just get overwhelmed and confused. Glad you had success. Taking stock posts are good for their brain I reckon and I loved getting insight into how things are for you right now too! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 36/52. Next week's prompt: Beach or Bush.


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