Sep 25, 2017

Life This Week 25/9/2017: Beach or Bush?

For me?  The beach, hands down.

That sense of calm that washes over and through you as you gaze out at the water while the sand yields softly yet firmly to your toes.  Because you must always be bare foot on the beach...

Beach is a way of life.  It's colour, it's pared back chic, it's mix and match, it's full of different textures.  

The glimpse of a beach from between apartment blocks as you stand on the footpath of a busy road makes you forget the chaos and congestion of Sydney.

Finding that hidden gem local beach and then lazing on it is a kind of priceless treat to self after a week of routine, responsibility and yes... Sydney traffic.  I love you Sydney, but you have Traffic and Congestion that even I struggle to love unconditionally.

The beach is a magical place to children too.  You don't really need much more than your own two legs and bucket to have hours of fun when you're there.

The Murray Rose Pool is not technically 'the beach' but it gives me everything I love about 'proper beaches' without the crowds.

Bondi Beach.  How could you not love Bondi?  It's iconic, it's beauty changes with the season and there's always a diversity of people and pets strolling along it.  It's the people's beach.

Over to you.  Beach or Bush?


  1. I love both!!! And a lot of the Coastal towns have both so they are my happy places!!

  2. Both. This is why I live in Jervis Bay. :)

  3. Well I live by the beach so that's an easy choice for me :)

  4. Gorgeous pics and yes I do think the Beach pips the Bush. I do love a weekend away with log fires and red wine but am constantly drawn back to the sound of the ocean and the waves. Have a great week SSG xxx

  5. Love the beach but can I just say, I think Bondi is overrated :P I lived in the shire and loved Cronulla...especially Wanda beach or else, the other end at Salmon Point. It's so much bigger than Bondi. But hey, I prefer all the tourists flock to Bondi and leave Cronulla the way it is :D

  6. Always beach here! I really need to try harder to explore some of the local beaches. There are the classic big ones on the gold and sunshine coasts, but we have a few little patches of sand near us I want to use more over summer. :)

  7. Love your response to the prompt and you have water at the 'back' and 'front' where you are! A most fortunate place in which to live. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 37/52. Next Week: Movies. It's up to you how you might interpret that one!

  8. Spending time at the beach with children is just the best, time at the beach is uncomplicated and there is no need for lots of stuff to enjoy your time there.


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